Local SEO landing page.

Introduction There are two key elements to consider here 1. Local SEO ranking factors. a.      City, state in landing page title b.      Click-through rate from search results. c.       Topical keyword relevance of domain content. d.      Quality/authority of inbound links to landing page URL. e.      Product/service keyword in landing page title. f.       Page authority of landing page URL. […]
January 7, 2020

Advertising a Business on Social Media.

Introduction Get More Traffic By Advertising a Business on Social Media 1. Complete your profiles on social media 2. Make a hashtag for your company and add that to your social media profiles 3. Work with cross-promoting across different social media websites 4. Make a logo for your company 5. Create a Calendar 6. Encourage […]

Advertising on Google My Business GMB.

Introduction Reliable & cost-effective advertising on google To get free advertising on Google, you need to have the following things checked: If you want free advertising on Google, follow the steps which are mentioned below: 2 1. Head to the website 2. Verify that your business is not already listed 3. Make a logo 3. Know […]

How to Sell Your Courses with ProLS?

The trends of digitalization and automation of workplace have seen a massive up rise and its effects have certainly impacted the academics and education in general as well. The conventional approach of classrooms and physical attendance for presence has been moved to the all-new remotely managed online teaching system which is often known as e-learning […]
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December 17, 2020

How to setup an online advertising business ?

Introduction Types of Advertisement Business to Start Online 1. Write a blog 2. Get extensive knowledge on SEO 3. Open a Marketing Company Conclusion Introduction: The success of any business depends on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies whether small or large. This shows why marketing is considered the backbone of any business and why […]

Who is a Customer Relationship Manager?

Introduction: 2 Customer Relationship Manager Duties and Responsibilities. 2 Manage Customer-Business Communications. 2 Solve Customer Issues. 2 Monitor Customer Care Strategies. 2 Collaborate to Ensure Customer Satisfaction. 2 Customer Relationship Manager Skills and Qualifications. 3 ·       Computer skills. 3 ·       Product/service knowledge. 3 ·       Communication skills. 3 ·       Customer service –. 3 ·       Team collaboration. 3 […]
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December 29, 2019

Top 5 Content Delivery Network CDN Service Providers

Introduction: Business and organisations nowadays are using the latest business automation tools and software to improve and enhance the workplace processes. The introduction of cloud computing services has digitalized the business practices. Small to medium sized companies and enterprise now deploy hundreds of automation tools and apps most of which are cloud based. When it […]
December 25, 2020

Active and Future Apps Offered by C2M

Consult2Manage is a one stop solution and services-based digital marketing company. Consult2Manage caters to all the business needs ranging from website development to running the impactful social media marketing campaigns, from providing ground breaking solutions for start-ups to establishing customer relationship management dashboards for small to medium sized companies. In effect, Consult2Manage has a team […]
December 17, 2020

What are ecommerce business strategies?

Introduction 1. Partner up with other companies 2. Improve relationships and sell to old customers 3.  Focus on different target audience 4. Offer discounts and complementary service 5. Work on marketing the bestselling products of your store 6. You should think outside of the box 7. Shopping Cart Analysis 8. Using Social Media. Introduction: Ecommerce […]

Advertising on the internet in E-commerce

Introduction Advertisement in e-commerce. Explore your business on the internet in e-commerce Few methods that are used for advertising on the internet: 1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) e-commerce advertisement 2. Ecommerce advertisement on Social Media 3. Youtube Legal issues regarding online advertisements §       Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)-. §       Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). §       International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). […]
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