Single Sign-On is Important for Your Organizational Security


The technological boom has innovated business models over the last decade. Manual workplace operations and functions have been replaced with automation processes. The introduction of cloud computing services has digitalized business practices. Nowadays, a small to medium-sized business or enterprise using business automation solutions deploys a large number of cloud services. Along with that, hundreds to thousands of users or employees accessing these services through distinct multiple accounts every day would require keeping a record of a long list of passwords. In association with the protection of these passwords, it imposes a great risk on the security of these credentials. As per the Adweek reports, almost 73% of the users keep a duplicate password for different accounts. It imposes yet another security breach risk on the user end.

In this way, the secure management of this massive number of passwords and other credentials as well as user data is a challenging and proactive task for the IT administration of any business. In order to cope with the problem and increase the security of the business, technologists have introduced the concept of Single Sign-On. With the implementation of Single Sign-On, business management can not only improve their IT security but can also enhance the user experience while cutting down other costs along with it. The further text will discuss how Single Sign-On SSO works and how it is crucial to strengthen the security of a business.

What is Single Sign-On SSO?

As evident from the name, Single Sign-On is a technique that enables the users to access different login-based platforms, apps and websites from a unified login ID and password in just a single step. Consequently, SSO streamlines the process for the users and makes it easier for them to access multiple platforms and the associated data without having to create and keep the credentials’ record for each one of them. This is essential because it also removes the additional login step which speeds up the pace of work and employees feel more comfortable and secure to interact on web platforms. With Single Sign-On, the users can work seamlessly and move from different pages and websites in an automated fashion. A third party functions as a centralized authenticator in the case of SSO that automates and grants the requisite access to the users wherever needed. SSO is the swiftest solution for the companies and organizations whereby employees have to deal and interact on multiple programs, channels, platforms and web-based applications.

Single Sign-On

The SSO system has an analogy with your citizen card. Whenever you visit a place in your country that requires authentication, you do not have to identify yourself with personal details separately, rather a number on your ID card corresponds to your identity details and you are all set to proceed. SSO works in a similar fashion by providing the websites with a centralized identification that works sufficiently to enable you to use the services of the very website.

SSO has a wide range of applications and it can be easily implemented in both consumer-based industries as well as in corporate organizations. For instance, if you use Google, or Facebook to sign in on other applications and websites without creating a separate login credential for that particular app, then you are basically using the consumer end SSO technology. In this way, the sign-in process can be made fast and simple while taking the burden of authentication and identity providence off the third-party service providers.

Why SSO is Important for Organizational Security?

If an organization does not use an SSO service, the authentication process is prolonged and your platform will have to keep a whole lot of private databases to maintain the user credentials securely. This data-keeping along with the management of the data from other cloud services poses a data strain on your organization and that is when the data hackers attack the most. With the installation of SSO services, the organizations can get rid of the problems such as database security risks, high management costs, data management and storage of bulk volume, and inefficiencies associated with it.

Additionally, SSO also reduces the help desk activities associated with password reset requests. As per the stats of Gartner, almost 50% of the requests to the IT helpdesk are related to password reset requests. This time can be saved up using SSO and IT services can dedicate this time to the optimization of other processes.

There is a greater risk to the security of an organization as it grows. Because the integration of the tools and services from time to time leaves gaps for the data hackers to operate. With the cloud-based business automation services, average companies and businesses use a large number of third-party apps and it poses a greater risk of leaks in the way. The implementation of the SSO technique renders the navigation process for employees on these cloud-based as well as on-premise apps swift and fast. Similarly, instead of spending on improving and securing the databases containing sensitive credentials data of hundreds of thousands of users, you can outsource this daunting task to a third-party SSO service provider that has much more expertise and load the responsibility of sensitive data management off your company.   

One of the most important benefits of implementing SSO solutions is that your organization can integrate it with the risk-based authentication often called RBA. Combining SSO with RBA creates an additional layer of security on the sensitive data of your users. What risk-based authentication basically does is that it monitors the user patterns and behaviours over time. Hence, when an abnormal request is prompted by the user, it is blocked by the security department and an authentication requirement is initiated before proceeding further. Some abnormal activities include multiple incorrect login attempts, suspicious or remote IP addresses, backup downloads, erase requests, or requests to change the basic profile data of the user such as date of birth or user ID.       


SSO provides users with one set of login credentials and in turn reduces the password-related IT requests, cybercrimes associated with data leaks, and strain of sensitive data management at the end of your organization’s responsibilities. It is in the best interests of an organization to implement an SSO service especially if its employees have to interact and perform over multiple online platforms and apps. The sooner you implement SSO in your organization, the quicker you optimize the user experience and mitigate password fatigue concerns.

Advanced Marketing Products Offered By C2M Printing

Marketing strategies are upgraded as the business evolves and spreading the brand message takes up an all-new form. While the conventional marketing strategies like business cards, post cards, vinyl banners, pamphlets, posters, brochures, and stamps are still as effective as ever, the branding in physical markets has come with new and technologically advanced marketing products to make it unique and be seen from even a great distance with utter clarity, unlike wall posters or flyers that have limited display range. C2M Printing is a premium print service provider and owns the capacity to offer the latest print products ranging from conventional pamphlets to new and digital branding products. Let us discuss some of these latest branding products that ought to be the future of branding.

Hologram Projector Advertisement

The bigger companies in the market have started to shift to holographic technology for their business advertisement to cope with the ever-increasing marketing challenges. Hologram projection marketing is the new success after digital on-screen advertising has almost failed to work with the ad-blockers now available. Even in the absence of an ad-blocker, the percentage of users who click on a specific ad link is only 0.05 percent. Holographic advertising in a digital technique in a real space makes it a new attraction for people and your business message and product marketing can be widely spread. C2M Printing feels immense pleasure to be offering the latest holographic advertising products for your business to nourish and grow in a digitalized world. You can print your business logo and brand it on a holograph in markets or just simulate a series of your products and services on the hologram to showcase it sequentially and keep your products being “floated” constantly in the market which makes the marketing successful because it gets alluring for the passers-by. Since the majority of the people are not accustomed to interacting with holograms frequently, so a surprise factor is added that makes the advertisement hard to forget which is the crux of any marketing and hence this strategy is a success.

LED Fans Advertisement

C2M Printing offers LED fans that are a new advertising technique out there in the market. The core purpose of any advertising strategy is to spread the word about the products and services to a mass of people. While the flyers and pamphlets have been serving the purpose for a long time, the globalization of digitalization demands new and contemporary techniques to increase the reach of marketing. The greater the degree of attraction and uniqueness in the advertisement, the greater is the discussion about it among the general public and prospective customers and the greater is the success of the very advertisement. This attraction can be captivated by bringing something new to the table and hence came the LED-fan-advertisement technique. You can design and upload your customized branding images or business logo onto this LED fan and when it is turned on, the very image files assume a shape on the face of the fan. One can upload as many images as he deems necessary for marketing and advertising purposes. C2M Printing is equipped with all the latest advertisement devices to offer the best technologically advanced products and solutions essential for the success and uniqueness of your business branding and advertising campaigns by adding digital visuals in physical markets.

C2M Printing - A One Stop Solution For All Your Printing Needs

Printing products and services have assumed a whole new process with digitalization. It has become a lot more accessible to people nowadays than it was in the past. It has become so feasible now that even some of the latest smartphones now support printing options. However, home printing is a lot simplified as compared to printing services required to market your business. The right business marketing strategies always require quality print products that are not only aesthetically ambient but are also proven to gain the confidence and trust of the clients greater than those who tend to use mild or average quality prints. C2M Printing offers a wide range of high-quality printing services from domestic requirements to business marketing print products. We cover all many printing services such as

Let’s elaborate on some of these printing products and services to let you know more about their importance out there in the market and also to reveal how C2M Printing does the job with excellence for all your printing and marketing needs.

  1. Pull Up Banners and Signs

The success of marketing events is a lot more ensured with the use of pull-up banners and signs to showcase what you are offering or to highlight the excerpt of what you want to say. People may not interestingly hear you when you talk they will definitely see for themselves and a great way of this indirect marketing is the application of pull-up banners and signs out there around your potential leads. C2M Printing is an enabler tool and makes these event preps a piece of cake with our top-of-the-line high-quality banners. These pull up banners are offered with additional ease including

Time is money and it can be best realized during a trade show or in-store event. You can be able to gain both the time and money if you are able to attract just the right customers organically by showcasing your products through our pull-up banners. We ensure the premium stability and durability of our pull-up banners.

According to a study, a massive proportion of around 72% of the people makes an opinion about a company based on the quality of its business cards. Despite the digital growth and technological advancement, business cards have retained their significance. Business cards are not merely about the contact details today. They are a part of the branding to stand out from the market competition. Business cards are a glancing window for prospective clients and general customers to look into the company for the quality of their products and services.

C2M Printing is an expert in providing print services and contemporary business cards to match the quality with that of your company. Not only do we have pre-designed business cards templates for a number of business niches, but we also offer our valued customers an opportunity to design and create their own business cards right here from our online printing platform. You can add the graphics of your choice, establish colour combinations of your preference and choose your own fonts to be used for your personalized business cards. Your designs are saved and transferred to us for printing them once you have finalized creating and editing your custom design. We have an extensive product line for business cards with distinguished features offered in each category.

We at C2M Printing are always improving our design strategies and print qualities to help you make a comeback into your business with a bash. All you have got to do is to restock your business essentials to get your business back up and running. One of the intangible essentials regarding this is to be prepared and agile when the customers and shoppers return. An effective strategy to ensure this is to flash your re-opening messages, promotional content, and products-display around the potential customers out there in the market. C2M Printing takes up the entire re-opening marketing needs by offering a variety of printing products and services depending upon the nature of your business. For instance, if you have a retail store, then we at C2M Printing will provide you with contemporary and eye-catching big-sized vinyl banners to send your reopening message at large in the market so that the people can know about it even from the distance. For more targeted customers and the general public, wall posters are printed and spread around in the markets and general public spots for re-opening promotional needs. These posters have to be unique since they have to stand out among the other posters and also because they would be a projection of your business's emphasis on quality. Similarly, flyers and pamphlets are being printed with high-quality ink and textured surfaces to gain customer attention when they hold your marketing flyers and feel the quality being put into them. According to research, 65% of the customers decide whether to give a product a try or not depending upon how it is being marketed. Such is the significance and vitality of marketing strategies that we at C2M Printing ensure to be unique, eye-catching, and customer-centric. Mentioned below are some of the other business niches vis-à-vis our offered branding products and services.

Beauty – Send out your safety message to your valued customers by printing it on your business cards, vinyl banners, posters, and postcards.

Food & Beverages – Keep your loyal customers in the loop by announcing the spread of your business like new additions to your menu or opening another outlet by printing it out on your customized business marketing posters, flyers and pamphlets, postcards, and disposable menus. Contact us today and we will create your marketing material with an eye for detail to make it an undeniable offer for your customers.

Offsite Service Providers – If you have to move to places to offer your services, then the best way to gain and retain your clients after your quality work is an indirect marketing strategy. You can showcase your safety policies to your potential clients and send out important messages too using your business cards, magnetic car signs, flyers, and pamphlets and via your business website. Apart from offering these hard print products, C2M Printing also offers website designs and development for your business to keep your business up top in the market.

Some other marketing products offered by C2M Printing include but are not limited to foam boards, social media marketing templates, rack cards, custom stickers, and Corflute signs. The quality of one’s business marketing print products says a lot about the values and principles of their company and C2M Printing being a professional printing company can suggest, advise and offer you top-notch print products to make your marketing unique and irresistible for your customers.

C2M Essentials changing small business demographics

C2M Essentials is changing the small business demographics by providing fast and reliable services that you can trust. Are you having a shared hosting plan that throws 503 server errors every time your traffic increase? Or you start working on the site? Do you want a one-stop hosting that provide you all the support and services you need to grow your business? If yes, then we are the solution for you as our fast server with super light server level speed cache technology and Powerful free add-ons will never get your website down plus you will get free fast One day Google bots indexing, free SEO and marketing advice from us. 

Small Business Demographics:

According to American Express, Small-business owners are aging. The percentage of business owners age 50 and older rose to almost 51 percent in 2012 from 46 percent in 2007, while the share of business owners ages 35 to 49 fell from 39 percent to 33 percent. This is likely due to the large, aging baby-boomer population, as well as “the unprecedented withdrawal of prime age workers from the labor market,” the report suggests. The portion of business owners under age 35 grew very slightly, from 15.2 percent to 15.9 percent.

Veteran business owners are dwindling. The share of veteran business owners fell from 11.9 percent to 9.2 percent between 2007 and 2012, reflecting that the veteran population is predominantly older.

In the contemporary world of technology and fast transmission of news, it’s very hard to keep up with media connections. If you are facing such an issue and really need a helping hand to improve your social life with quality media releases and email marketing then give us a chance. We will get you the right audience with our out of box media and marketing packages.  

If you are hosting an event or conference and looking for a media partner to cover it, then we are the partner you need to get the job done and publicize your efforts the right way.  We cover, polish, and get the word out for you.

Our dedicated team of Graphic engineers is there to get your marketing videos ready. Either it is recorded video or character animated video our team got you covered. We understand the market and can get quality service at your disposal. Our video service will get you a higher ROI.

We offer quality printing service for your business need. We understand that every small business needs a quality media partner that can provide 5-star service in regard to the print media needs. So, with us, you will be covered for all. We cater business of each shape and size. How? By proving customized on-demand solutions.   

Consult 2 Manage Essentials are hosting number of business while making website owners less stressed, more productive, and hopefully just a little happier. We’re honored and humbled by the great feedback we receive from our customers on a daily basis. Our vibrant media outreach and release services are really making a difference. Get in touch to get your business in the news. 

Our vision is to bring the best to the table and become the leading business growth agency in the world. Our motivation is to get highly motivated staff on board and bring wonders to the market. We are fighting unemployment, our whole business structure is to bring more and more creativity on board. We want to be the leading growth advocacy company for small business. Our customer is also our family and we always take care of them and help them whenever they need us. With us you will feel much more secured and will always have the understanding of where your business is heading and what you can achieve further.

Why cloud hosting is the future?

Businesses now use digital technology for Cloud hosting. It offers a lot of new jobs, platforms, services, and applications. Cloud computing can be used as a combination of software products that are cloud-based and compute to help with the solutions of Information Technology.

The cloud can be flexible and it can be scalable that offers complete safety and control of the data. Cloud computing offers the better of processing data. As cloud hosting has so many features, it will be quite popular in the future. Some of the reasons are listed below as to why cloud hosting is the future:

1. Cloud hosting enhances the capacity of storage:  

Now data is created in a large amount and it’s inconvenient to keep it with security. A lot of businesses need a platform where they can securely keep their data. So many companies are using cloud computing and it has been forecasted that the Cloud providers will offer more data centers at a better cost as there is a huge competition between them.

2. It offers great performance of the internet:

Using the help of the Internet of Things, the features of the internet can be enhanced and its quality can be increased. Using the features of Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things, we can keep data in the cloud, for analyzing & offering better performance. The people who use the internet want a better quality of fast-loading services and applications. The network offered will be quicker and the feature to receive and deliver that data will be fast.

3. Modular Software will be used:

The size of a dedicated program including the complexity is increasing, and this goes towards the fact that the technology of the cloud is going to need a new system for thinking. We can observe that a lot of development of software from a lot of angles, as in the future these apps will be kept in separate locations which are not included in the cloud. This application will store on different modules, on servers of different Cloud services. This can also further decrease the pricing of software as putting parts of the particular program on several storages costs less.

4. Cloud Computing and Internet of things:

The internet of things is also one of the latest technology as it includes the regular innovation in real-time Analytics of Data and computing of the cloud. There is a lot of communication that happens through the machine and data. This can happen conveniently with the usage of cloud computing.

5. Future changes with the Data:

The computing market of the cloud is growing at 22.8% and will excel towards $127.5 easily. 62% of all Customer Relationship Manage software will be cloud-based. Other than that, 30% of all application consumption is for software as service-based applications.

6. It provides security:

The data which is kept in the cloud is really secured. The good companies that are offering cloud services provide the necessary security of your data.  So in the upcoming time, we can help reduce cyber-attacks by offering better security. The cloud providers offer a good quality of security measures opening balance ways to reduce cyber-attacks.

7. Economic

If cloud computing keeps evolving the usage of hardware will be reduced as a lot of the work will be executed with the help of cloud computing.  We can reduce the costs of software by dividing it and this will further go on to reduce the usage of hardware. If the evolution keeps growing the data stored in the cloud will get analyzed with the help of a machine and it will not need any human help.

How to Write a Social Media Release

Once you have figured out that you want to write and post a press release with respect to the social media, if you know about basic media releases, it will not be difficult to understand the important parts that should be incorporated. You can have a discussion with different PR professionals and they'll tell you separately where these parts should fit into your release, but they need to be there one way or another.

1. Heading of the social media release: 

The headline should be a major part of your media release. Get to the point really quickly and you don't have to be too creative. This job can be done by using just the right words. The headline should be catchy that it grabs the attention of the user because if your headline is not any good, you are very much likely to lose readers. So make sure that you work really hard on the major heading or headline of your blog.

2.  Second heading:

The second heading is purely optional. It is up to you if you want to use it or not.  In case you have some extremely important piece of information that you think will engage users to read on, you should put it here. If not, the skip to the overview directly and don’t add a second heading or headline.

3. Overview:

 You should write a brief and explanatory overview of the release and what you're writing. This is the major part where you will engage the reader or lose them, so keep it completely short, and engage into using the keywords and put real thought into every sentence that you use. Don’t put too many keywords so that the search engines pick up your content.

4. Body: 

This is the major part of the release, and this should be the real significant. Don't put your point of view in there; just put the major parts out for what you are trying to say. You have to think as if you are a journalist who cover all the news. You have to really keep track of what you are going to say because this is quite a major chunk of your social media release.

5.  Facts:

 You need a lot of factual data or just points which support your claim from the content above. This knowledge can be shared easily so if someone wanted to pull this right out of your release, they could. The facts should be really correct and precise because this impacts your company majorly. You can’t afford to lose your company’s reputation if you mess up with the facts.

6.  About Us part:

  You should write about your company. Let readers know how your company works. People should be aware of your company and it is good for the brand awareness. It is very brief company bio with a link to your website, Twitter feed and Facebook fan page.

7. External links:

 The social aspect of the release, this should include videos on YouTube, images, RSS feeds and more. The external links out to other sources. The backlinks really help the SEO approach of your company. You want people to be not driven away from your message, but you want to be seen as a useful resource.

8. Relevant links:

 A great way of promoting your company is using the relevant backlinks and external links to promote your company. If you have posted out media releases make sure the links back to your website. Link other sources to your media releases as well so that you are helping them out as well.

9. Tags:

You should add different tags by using twitter or insta hashtags and other social media platforms like Facebook. The fan pages really help your company.

Advertising a Business on Social Media


Get More Traffic By Advertising a Business on Social Media

1. Complete your profiles on social media

2. Make a hashtag for your company and add that to your social media profiles

3. Work with cross-promoting across different social media websites

4. Make a logo for your company

5. Create a Calendar

6. Encourage Engagement

7.  Don’t Over-Promote


In the current digital age, it is necessary that you advertise a business on social media. The majority of the people around the globe use social media regularly so keeping that in mind, social media is really a great platform to advertise your business. There are a few surveys that most people rely on social media for purchases. The first step you need to take is to sign up and make public profiles on all of the social media websites or apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Google+. It is probably better if you hire a Social Media manager as well who could manage all the content that’s being uploaded.

Once your content has been uploaded and you’ve signed up on all of the social media websites, you need to come up with a good marketing strategy. You have to make sure that you manage to take full advantage of all your social media profiles. You also have to make efforts to let people find you easily.

Get More Traffic By Advertising a Business on Social Media:

Here are a few tips that will help you advertise your business on social media:

1. Complete your profiles on social media: This is one of the most important steps of advertising your business. Start with filling out your profiles on social media. Your social media pages should be updated. Update the brand image of your business, fill out the about us section of your pages. Make sure that you add a few stories about your company. Add the location of your company so that customers can reach you easily. Do all of these steps on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your other social media profiles. Make sure that the content and photos you post on your social media websites should be pleasing to the eyes especially the photo on Instagram.

2. Make a hashtag for your company and add that to your social media profiles: You can add or start the hashtag of your company on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The hashtag can be added to the Instagram bio as well. Once you come up with the hashtag, it should be a standard hashtag for your company so that once someone opens your hashtag, they can see all the history of your posts made by your company pages. Hashtags can make you trendy and famous as well. To track your Instagram hashtag performance, you can use a helpful tool called Sprout. Sprout can provide you with a performance report, your most-used hashtags, and the engagement on your hashtags.

3. Work with cross-promotion across different social media websites: Cross-promotion across different channels is a great idea for advertising. You can always casually remind your followers that you are available on other social media websites as well. Make sure that you link all of your social media accounts with each other. Try to make subtle efforts for asking people to follow you. You can always post your other social media accounts' handles in the bio. You can add Snap-code to make people follow your Snapchat accounts as well.

4. Make a logo for your company: Making a logo for your company or business is the most important marketing technique. A logo is the pictorial representation of your company and people can always remember your business because of their photographic memory. You should add the logo to all of your social media pages. The logo should be really clever and relevant to your company. The colors and the graphics of the logo should be really attractive and eye-catching as well. 

5. Create a Calendar: Scrambling to create posts at the last minute can lead to low-quality content. A lack of organization can lead to repeated posts or a lull in your presence on one of your channels. Creating social media content calendars can help avoid those mistakes and lead to more effective posts. Content calendars also help you create goals and strategies for meeting them and track your progress toward them.

To make a content calendar, use a regular calendar for each social media channel and plan out your posts in advance, filled with hashtags, links, images, and other content. 

6. Encourage Engagement: Social media should, of course, be social. That doesn’t only apply to those who use the sites for fun. Businesses need to be interactive, too. In order to take advantage of social capability, you need to encourage interaction.

Post content that people want to read, ask questions and like, repost and comment on other users’ posts. Doing research on your audience can help you figure out what they might like. 

7.  Don’t Over-Promote: One trap that businesses often fall into is treating social media too much like regular advertising. You don’t want to blatantly promote yourself in every post. You need to create content that people will actually enjoy and want to see.

Promoting yourself is okay every once in a while. Some marketers go by the one-in-seven rule, which says that for every single directly promotional post, six others should be content-based. In these other six posts, you could share articles, comment on current events or ask a question. You don’t have to entirely avoid mentioning your brand in these posts; just be careful not to sell too hard.

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