Business and organisations nowadays are using the latest business automation tools and software to improve and enhance the workplace processes. The introduction of cloud computing services has digitalized the business practices. Small to medium sized companies and enterprise now deploy hundreds of automation tools and apps most of which are cloud based. When it comes to the cloud technology, it means that data storage and management is all online (on the cloud). All the users and requests to access this data is processed through a cloud server.

A company that has deployed hundreds or thousands of employees, each one of them would be sending requests to access data across different platforms and channels. It poses a strain on the cloud server if not handled intelligently. Multiple requests to the cloud servers at the same time can cause a delay in the delivery of the data that is being requested the access of. Hence, for a smooth and streamlined flow of work in an optimized and conducive workplace environment, it is of vital importance and fundamental need that the enterprise has deployed a fast and efficient content delivery network often called CDN. That is why, after careful research, we have compiled a list of top 5 CDN service providers that organizations can deploy to ensure that the pace of workplace activities and data accessibility is enhanced for a better user experience.

Read further to have a detailed insight into the top 5 CDN service providers available. The list is ordered based on the market presence of the service provider and their respective customer satisfaction rate.

1.    Cloudflare

Cloudflare is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to the content delivery network requirements of the enterprises such as eLearning platforms. Cloudflare supports approximately 25 million internet properties, and intelligently routes content requests on its network along the fastest path using Argo Smart Routing. Traffic can also be load balanced across multiple origins, using proximity and network latency to determine the most efficient destination for each request.

The reason behind the market leadership of Cloudflare is that is offers a highly customizable content delivery network. With Cloudflare, you can have an advanced control over how content is cached on its network. Pages Rules is an option on Cloudflare that lets the users specify particular behaviour for individual URLs, including what gets cached and for how long. The key features of Cloudflare include but are not limited to:

Features such as Concurrent Streaming Acceleration further optimize delivery of live video, even to multiple simultaneous requestors at scale with minimal end-to-end latency. It must be noted that Cloudflare uses the latest HTTP/3 protocol that is encrypted by default and helps accelerate delivery of traffic. In this way, Cloudflare enables faster, more reliable, and more secure connections to websites and APIs.

With Cloudflare, you can optimize the acceleration of content delivery and reduce the latency of your website. Cloudflare offers its customers:

2.    AWS CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is yet another market leader when it comes to the content delivery requirements of the global companies such as Slack, Discovery Communications, Canon and Amazon Prime Video. AWS CloudFront offers a complete package of content delivery including types of media as well. It can speed up the delivery of your websites, whether its static objects (e.g., images, style sheets, JavaScript, etc.) or dynamic content (e.g., videos, audio, motion graphics, etc.), to viewers across the globe.

The CDN offers a multi-tier cache by default that improves latency and lowers the load on origin servers when the object is not already cached at the Edge. With granular cache configuration controls, built-in capabilities such as gzip and brotli compression, access to geo-location headers, and edge compute capabilities, customers such as and Reach plc deliver content to millions of viewers. Integration with AWS Shield and WAF secures your website from network and application layer attacks while capabilities such as TLS 1.3 and Field-level Encryption offer improved security and performance.

Some of the features of AWS CloudFront include but are not limited to:

3. Fastly

Fastly is a platform built by developers for developers, with powerful features and capabilities at the edge that empower innovation, and deliver experiences your users love. Fastly is also a customizable CDN service provider after Cloudflare. The platform offers dynamic site acceleration for fast content delivery that makes a great impact on conversion and retention rates, SEO, and ad revenue.

With fastly, you can monitor real time logs to make faster, data-driven business decisions. With the intelligently distributed, high capacity Point of Presence of POPs, your organisation can move data and applications closer to users to deliver the most up-to-date content in an instant. Fastly also offers safe experiment options with their API-first platform whereby you can make changes on the fly, or instantly roll back code at any moment.

The major features offered by Fastly include but are not limited to:

Fastly is a smart and trusted CDN service provider that provides its users with a full control for a truly agile developer experience. Additionally, they also offer world class quality support not only with the questions answered but also with documentation, chat, engineers, solutions packages, and more.

4.    CDN77

CDN77 is the content delivery network that is chosen by space agencies. For instance, Hubble images from space are delivered around the Earth using CDN77. Udemy, Sport1, CentOS and Plesk are some of the great clients using CDN77 for their content delivery requirements. CDN77 is a robust platform and uses the latest technologies to get the job done for its clients. With CDN77, your enterprise can keep track of the traffic & bandwidth with the comprehensive dashboard of CDN77. You can also compare different geo-locations and time frames to catch important trends.

You can also monitor and inspect your Hit/Miss ratios to get a thorough overview of your cache performance. You can also download detailed logs for each resource and point of presence. CDN77 empowers its customers to manage the CDN settings according to the requirements. For instance, you can Turn on/off any of their global Points of Presence (PoPs) to fine-tune your performance or purge & pre-fetch your files and set up cache rules within their interface.

Some of the features of CDN77 include but are not limited to:

5. Gumlet CDN

Gumlet CDN specializes in in an optimized image delivery service. It uses a smart JavaScript plugin and an AI powered image compression to deliver the right sized image in most suitable and optimal format for each of its registered users.

Gumlet is essentially an end-to-end solution provider for complete image management requirements of any platform or website. Gumlet does not require any extra or additional integration needs which makes gumlet an easy to use platform for image management requirements of any size. With Gumlet, the apps and websites can load images much faster by delivering most optimised images. With its lower size images, Gumlet CDN helps save its clients on upto 40% on CDN bills. Gumlet has image processing centers distributed across continents. Images are delivered using world class CDN to ensure maximum availability and minimum latency.

Some of the features of CDN77 include but are not limited to:


Different CDN service providers meet different delivery requirements of the businesses. AWS CloudFront is a unified CDN service provider that is growing rapidly with its customers all over the globe. However, the fundamental approach in choosing a CDN should be its web protocols, Point of Presence POPs and latency reduction that they can offer.


A content delivery network commonly called CDN is basically a closely linked network of edge servers that are intelligently and strategically placed all over the globe so that the content delivery to the end customers can be made as fast and swift as possible. When any user prompts a request to access data on CDN servers, he/she is then re-routed to the nearest available CDN edge server and data access is granted successfully. This technique of creating a network of inter-connected edge servers reduces the latency at the end of the user significantly. Almost all the globally renowned content providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Udemy and many more use CDN technologies at the backend to ensure that the data is delivered to the end-user instantly with very less lag time or in other words less latency.  In this way, CDN technology improves the user experience on a website by offering exceptionally quick access to the required data from anywhere in the world irrespective of the origin of the source content.


Businesses now prefer to maintain their own content management system CMS for keeping the in-house data storage. However, the globalization of digitalization has expanded the businesses and marketplaces all over the globe. The employees from different regions of the world request access to data online which causes a lag in the performance if the content access is not prompted instantly. This is the basic reason how CDN technology can enhance the business processes and improve the user experience. The further text will discuss in detail the benefits and reasons why businesses need a CDN service for optimizing the effectiveness of workplace operations.

Why CDN is Important?

Performance Optimization

  1. CDN is directly related to the improvement in the performance. Performance optimization is one of the primary and fundamental benefits of deploying CDN technology. With a CDN service integration, your web content can be cached in different geographical POPs Points of Presence and consequently rendering the access of the content to the user instantly. The edge servers come into action and provide the fast delivery of the content to the subject user. This reduction in the distance is directly related to the latency rates; the main reason behind the delay in accessing the web content. Thus, if a company feels or knows that the users from all over the world will be accessing the content on their websites, then a CDN should be integrated as the first step of an action plan. As per some of the reports and tests conducted y KeyCDN, a CDN can reduce website latency by 83% on average as compared to the websites that do not use a CDN.

Enhanced Reliability


Enhanced Security

Cost Effectiveness


There are a number of factors that need to be addressed if you are a consumer based content provider business. Marketplace competitions are always on a hike and consumers prefer that they be provided with the quickest and swiftest data access with minimized latency. Not just from the end of the consumers, deploying a CDN technology is also in the best interests of the company since it provides an additional layer of security and encryption which is vital for securing the digital content from attacks and malware.


The technological boom has innovated business models over the last decade. Manual workplace operations and functions have been replaced with automation processes. The introduction of cloud computing services has digitalized the business practices. Nowadays, a small to medium-sized business or enterprise using business automation solutions deploys a large number of cloud services. Along with that, hundreds to thousands of users or employees accessing these services through distinct multiple accounts every day would require keeping a record of a long list of passwords. In association with the protection of these passwords, it imposes a great risk on the security of these credentials. As per the Adweek reports, almost 73% of the users keep a duplicate password for different accounts. It imposes yet another security breach risk on the user end.

In this way, the secure management of this massive number of passwords and other credentials as well as user data is a challenging and proactive task for the IT administration of any business. In order to cope with the problem and increase the security of the business, technologists have introduced the concept of Single Sign-On. With the implementation of Single Sign-On, business management can not only improve their IT security but can also enhance the user experience while cutting down other costs along with it. The further text will discuss how Single Sign-On SSO works and how it is crucial to strengthen the security of a business.

What is Single Sign-On SSO?

As evident from the name, Single Sign-On is a technique that enables the users to access different login based platforms, apps and websites from a unified login ID and password in just a single step. Consequently, SSO streamlines the process for the users and makes it easier for them to access multiple platforms and the associated data without having to create and keep the credentials’ record for each one of them. This is essential because it also removes the additional login step which speeds up the pace of work and employees feel more comfortable and secure to interact on web platforms. With Single Sign-On, the users can work seamlessly and move from different pages and websites in an automated fashion. A third party functions as a centralized authenticator in case of SSO that automates and grants the requisite access to the users wherever needed. SSO is the swiftest solution for the companies and organizations whereby employees have to deal and interact on multiple programs, channels, platforms and web-based applications.

Single Sign-On

The SSO system has an analogy with your citizen card. Whenever you visit a place in your country that requires authentication, you do not have to identify yourself with personal details separately, rather a number on your ID card corresponds to your identity details and you are all set to proceed. SSO works in a similar fashion by providing the websites with a centralized identification that works sufficiently to enable you to use the services of the very website.

SSO has a wide range of applications and it can be easily implemented to both the consumer-based industries as well as in corporate organizations. For instance, if you use Google, or Facebook to sign in on other applications and websites without creating a separate login credential for that particular app, then you are basically using the consumer end SSO technology. In this way, the sign-in process can be made fast and simple while taking the burden of authentication and identity providence off the third-party service providers.

Why SSO is Important for Organizational Security?

If an organization does not use an SSO service, the authentication process is prolonged and your platform will have to keep a whole lot of private database to maintain the user credentials securely. This data-keeping along with the management of the data from other cloud services poses a data strain on your organization and that is when the data hackers attack the most. With the installation of SSO services, the organizations can get rid of the problems such as database security risks, high management costs, data management and storage of bulk volume, and inefficiencies associated with it.

Additionally, SSO also reduces the help desk activities associated with password reset requests. As per the stats of Gartner, almost 50% of the requests to IT helpdesk are related to password reset requests. This time can be saved up using SSO and IT services can dedicate this time in the optimization of other processes.

There is a greater risk to the security of an organization as it grows. Because the integration of the tools and services from time to time leaves the gaps for the data hackers to operate. With the cloud-based business automation services, average companies and businesses use a large number of third-party apps and it poses a greater risk of leaks in the way. The implementation of SSO technique renders the navigation process for employees on these cloud-based as well as on-premise apps swift and fast. Similarly, instead of spending on improving and securing the databases containing sensitive credentials data of hundreds of thousands of users, you can outsource this daunting task to a third-party SSO service provider that has much more expertise and load the responsibility of sensitive data management off your company.   

One of the most important benefits of implementing SSO solutions is that your organization can integrate it with the risk-based authentication often called RBA. Combining SSO with RBA creates an additional layer of security on the sensitive data of your users. What risk-based authentication basically does is that it monitors the user patterns and behaviours over time. Hence, when an abnormal request is prompted by the user, it is blocked by the security department and an authentication requirement is initiated before proceeding further. Some abnormal activities include multiple incorrect login attempts, suspicious or remote IP address, backup download or erase requests or requests to change the basic profile data of the user such as date of birth or user ID.       


SSO provides users with one set of login credentials and in turn reduces the password related IT requests, cybercrimes associated with data leaks, and strain of sensitive data management at the end of your organization’s responsibilities. It is in the best interests of an organization to implement an SSO service especially if its employees have to interact and perform over multiple online platforms and apps. The sooner you implement SSO in your organization, the quicker you optimize the user experience and mitigate the password fatigue concerns.


Identity verification is new data privacy. Technology is integrated in our everyday lives more than ever. Digital innovations continue to mesmerize the whole world with the new and advanced technologically sound solutions to the current problems at hand. There are dozens and dozens of solutions available for businesses and companies to optimize their workplace functions. The challenge now is less about creating a solution to an existing problem and more about how to keep up with that many available solutions consistently and persistently. Digital technology is at the heart of every successful company now. Every business idea or a campaign or any motion can get going if supported and backed by technologically sound solutions. The success of organizations now depends on it more than ever amidst the ever increasing competitors in today’s world.

One of the IT solutions that has revolutionized the digitalization is the era of Cloud. Cloud technology has virtually multiplied the optimization channels that any organization can use to improve their workplace functions and manage organizational records better. Cloud technology has also multiplied the number and categories of people any organization needs to manage. Organizational solutions are not merely about record keeping or employee management anymore. Cloud based Customer Relationship Management tools and solutions incorporate contractors, partners, customers, consumers and anyone else that ever comes in an interaction with a business at any level, at any stage.

When a business is in interaction with that greater a number of people at that diversified network over that many different communication channels, then it becomes a foremost responsibility to provide each interacting entity with a personalized, functional and secure interaction experience with your company. IT, in other means, has now a lead role in every organization especially the ones with a huge number of interacting users. The identity for such business entities becomes a matter of sensitivity and it requires thoughtfulness, consideration and evaluation of different factors. Therefore, there are a vast number of factors to take care of in identifying and implementing an identity solution. But before we go into the details of steps to consider and benefits, lets quickly highlight what exactly is an Identity Verification Solution.

What is an Identity Verification Solution?

Identity providers or IdPs are solutions and services that are structured and designed to store and manage the digital identities of businesses and organizations in their online or internet presence. Different companies use identity verification solutions in different contexts according to their needs.

For instance, some companies may use these solutions and services to empower their employees to connect with the resources and accessibility that they require. In effect, these identity solutions enable organizational administration to manage and alter access, adding or removing employee based privileges, without having to compromise on the security at any stage thus keeping it tight from any breach or data leaks.

The functional structure of an Identity Solution can be simply estimated with how Google or Facebook works. You may have, at point in time, used Google, Apple, or Facebook login credentials to access any app on web or on your device. While you were doing that, you were using an Identity Provider service. It’s that simple. Your login details constituting your user ID and password enables you to access another application or resource and that is the basic function of an IdP service.

Stepwise workflow of an identity provider:

The backend stepwise workflow of an identity provider service basically involves 3 basic counters before proceeding further. These steps are discussed in a short description below.

  1. Input request from a user:

The cycle starts when a user inputs an access request using his login ID and credentials associated with some other source such as Google, Apple, Facebook or any other compatible app.

When the input request has been prompted by the user, the identity provider runs a security check with that company’s IT to confirm if the input user has due access and what permissions that user has at that platform.

When the verification check is successfully passed, the user is granted access to the permitted resources for that particular user. This is the last step of the cycle and the input user is successfully logged at this point.

These cycle take place in a matter of a few seconds and not in stepwise as it seems in the process writing. Let’s now discuss the steps to undertake in choosing the right identity provider.  

Consider these stats sourced from AdWeek to have a better idea of why identity provider is important.

How to Choose the Right Identity Provider?

We are living in a digital and web oriented world. Every application requires the users to log in before granting access. There are dozens of apps and keeping a secure list of passwords for each is not an easy feat. And as per the aforementioned stats, 73% of online accounts of a user constitute the same credentials. It means that in an unfortunate case of a digital theft, the hacker gets access to the user data spread across many independent online platforms. It is therefore, very vital and critical that users use identity providers to log in so that security of app data can be ensured and made easy.

It must be noted that not all apps require the same level of data security and sensitivity. That is why, different platforms must establish different input requirements for setting up an IdP service. You need to figure out what kind of data would be contained in a platform and its sensitivity would then address what level of IdP solution would work for that app. For instance, if you are using an IdP service to log in on Pinterest, then simple login information such as an email and password would be sufficient for an Identity Provider service.

Identity Verification

However, if you are using Identity Verification services to get logged in on your mobile banking app or to get logged on any other financial institution web services, then the Identity Provider service would require a lot more complex inputs for data verification and validation process before granting the access to the user. What’s important in such a scenario is to only require those parameters in an IdP service that are relevant and reduce the user journey for a better experience.

For a business constituting a large number of employees that are in turn dealing with contractors, suppliers, partners and customers, it becomes difficult for the IT management and service providers to organize different users if they are fragmented into different classes. Instead of creating classes and categories of users based on their workplace responsibilities, it would be in the best interest of the company to keep a unified and centralized identity solution. In this way, this identity provider solution will be robust irrespective of whether an employee gets promoted or a supplier is changed.

 Last but not the least, choose an identity verification solution that has been developed on Cloud from its conception stage. The problem here is that there are many IdP service providers today that claim to have a fully integrated identity stack. However, in effect, some IdP service providers have different products with different interfaces which is a loophole to figure out that their solutions are not fully integrated. Similarly, putting the premise-based technologies such as Microsoft AD on cloud does not make it a cloud solution either. A cloud solution is developed on cloud from day 1 and offers a fully integrated and centralized identity management with a powerful and swift solution.


Choosing the perfect identity provider is not an easy feat and we do realize that. However, keeping the factors mentioned in this text will help you identify an IdP solution that meets most of our requirements. Just remember to evaluate the security of data, employees, interacting bodies and third party users.


The businesses all around the world are going through major breakthrough innovations in terms of updating the business processes and models. The digitalization has altered the conventional and accepted practices in the workplace areas. New and innovative processes are replacing the existing workplace structures to optimize the outcomes of business processes. Various business tools such as Customer Relationship Management software, social media marketing strategies and other business automation tools are proven to increase the yield of business processes manifolds. These tools automate the business processes and activities so as to standardize a business model unlike the conventional way of irregularly conducting different business activities without a calculated outcome provision beforehand. Different business marketing automation tools and strategies have not only proven to increase the sales of the business but detailed analyses of the market including the competitor analyses have enabled the businesses to optimize their weak areas. This optimization is in turn directly related to an increase in the lead generation rate of the business. There are dozens of automation tools and software that can boost the growth of a business. However, it is not a wise approach to discuss each of them in a single blog since the brevity of each automation domain demands its own dedicated blog. Therefore, this blog will serve to be one amongst the many blogs that will be covering the business automation tools and their benefits.

Available Automation Solutions:

Although the list of available solutions is long when it comes to business automation solutions. This blog will be covering some of the top-of-the-line business automation tools that every business may require to get going. Different automation software target towards the automation of different business processes. However, it is of foremost and vital importance that the automation of as many business processes is ensured for better optimized results. Although, now there are more than hundred business automation tools and platforms with promising benefits and better performance metrics in terms of both the quality and quantity. Listed below are some of the globally renowned automation tools and software deployed by some of the biggest competitors in the global markets.

  1. Zoho Connect
  2. Zapier

Now let’s discuss all of them in a greater depth and detail to highlight the processes, techniques and benefits of using each one of them to optimize the workplace activities for any business model.

Zoho Connect:

Zoho Connect is a subset of the greater platform Zoho. Zoho is one of the best recommended business automation platform for the beginners. It is not only cost-effective but it is also quite easy to adapt to. Zoho Connect eases the communication barrier between the employees working remotely by offering them a synchronous and a well-integrated communication channel to keep a record of everything that goes by around any department of the business. Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to get work done. Zoho Connect standardizes the work-from-home practices by the introduction of an intranet solution. The intranet solution of Zoho Connect empowers remote collaboration by helping your organization streamline internal communication, boost employee morale, and provide a centralized archive of information.

With Zoho Connect, you can optimize your internal communications, conduct virtual meetings, organize Town Hall sessions, and create work plans for each employee. The optimization of internal communication allows you to organize all your internal communication with familiar social features like feeds and comments, announcements, and groups. Similarly, you can make announcements or create a group with all the members in the company to keep them informed. The option of conducting virtual meetings is yet another way of increasing the effectiveness of internal communication. Online meetings are a great way to collaborate remotely. With a built-in chat function and online meeting capability, Zoho Connect makes it easy to reach out to any member in your organization, have one-on-one audio or video calls, deliver presentations, and even share your screens. Town Hall sessions is a strategy devised by Zoho Connect to promote transparency with the company. Town Hall sessions enable a company to boost employee morale by conducting regular sessions with the top management and within the teams as well. When working remotely, organizations need to make sure their employees stay connected; a town hall session with company leadership can work wonders in this regard. Similarly, work plans make it easy for the employees to understand the deliverables expected of them. Zoho Connect has a feature called Boards that any business can use to plan and organize all your employee work plans—from team projects to your to-do lists. You can also assign tasks, set priority levels, set due dates, trigger reminders, create checklists, and track their progress, while still getting a bird's-eye view of the bigger picture. Zoho Connect also offers its users with the options to create and edit the documents online within the portal so that the documents are accessible to everyone instantly. In this way Zoho Connect offers a fully functional work-from-home or in general remote work provision to maintain a flow of work consistently. Zoho Connect is a complete digital workplace solution that promotes a wining work culture boost your employee engagement, and optimizes the internal business communication by providing the provision of multi-faceted communication channels, offers a modern day intranet to bring the employees together in a unified digital space. Last but not the least, Zoho Connect can also be integrated with the existing applications to provide a synchronization and a robust business optimization model. Various business apps such RSS Feeds, Google Drive, Asana,, MailChimp, Google Calendar and many more can be quickly integrated with Zoho Connect swiftly.


Zapier is yet another automation tool that enables a business to connect their apps and automate their workplace. It is an easy automation system for data-centric businesses. With Zapier, one can move information and data between different web applications easily and sometimes automate it altogether so that the analyses based on that information can be refined better. Zapier enables your business to automate the flow of information and ease the data-sharing system. The catch here is that this whole data sharing is not only fully customizable but also it can be done without any requirement of coding or developer requirements met. The working model of Zapier revolves around something that they summarize it by Integrate, Automate, Innovate. With Zapier, you can create workflows that are termed as Zaps. These Zaps connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks, so you can focus on other work. You can set a trigger (that can be an email, an event or something) which prompts action to your Zaps (that can be data sharing across apps) and then your Zap will interact with the system accordingly as per your defined protocols. This whole series of actions can be undertaken without any coding needed. Apart from the option of creating your own Zaps network, Zapier also offers its users to explore their pre-built workflows to get started with Zapier quickly. With Zapier data sharing automation, you can share content across social media such as Facebook and Instagram, send customized or personal messages to new leads or notify your team members any new leads or any other activity. Zappier empowers the businesses to Stick with the tools that work best for them. There are hundreds of apps that can work best with Zapier. In fact, there is a whole separate section for Zapier whereby the users can select the apps that are used by their businesses and Zapier recommends the solutions for them accordingly. Although the premium plans of Zapier start at $20 per month, they also offer a 14-day free trial before their membership begins. is similar to Zapier from the functional point of view. It enables companies to integrate their cloud applications and to automate various business processes such as marketing and sales processes. Before we go into the functional details of the platform, it must be important to highlight the organizations that use so that a rough estimate can be drawn to project the effectiveness of this tool and the benefits that it can accumulate. is currently trusted by 30,000+ organizations that include some of the globally renowned organizations such as Uber, Adobe and Intel. enables a company to create simple one-to-one automation workflows or to simply sync data between apps. For instance, you can use the platform to sync your data coming to Gmail with One Drive and automate this synchronization process. It saves up the time of the employees and all the important data is communicated between the concerned personnel automatically. Nonetheless, you can also create complex workflows if need be. Integration of multiple apps and functions can be done while adding a number of metrics such as delay, conditional logic, format data and do much more. Some of the hallmark features of include its simple and intuitive functional design. You can have zero coding knowledge and still, you can create integrations with as simple as drag and drop commands. Secure and reliable data encryption systems are intact in the system at all times (at rest and transit). supports hundreds of apps for data sharing and integrations. All the globally renowned apps for CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, Helpdesk, Payments, Web forms, Collaboration are supported by this platform including all Google apps, Eventbrite, Airtable, Hubspot apps, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Zendesk, Quickbooks, Podio, Shopify, Slack and many more.          


Business automation is the future. It is in the best interests of any company with aims to attain and retain a leading position in global markets to incorporate different automation levels within their primary business models. Automation is inevitable and the sooner any business integrates these CRM automation tools, business marketing automation and sales automation tools, the sooner they can boost the effectiveness of their workplace activities and make the most out of their business models.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.

The trends in the consumer industry are evolving rapidly than ever. The consumer behaviour patterns suggest that the buyers prefer multiple channels when it comes to enter in an interaction between the business and a consumer. And that is where the concept of Omni channel strategy is introduced. It is not a strategy that can be implemented to optimize or maximize a certain business function or operation. Instead, Omni channel strategy is an idea that can be implemented in a number of different business areas independently or in a segregated fashion. Some of the Omni channel strategies in different business areas are enlisted below.

However, all of these strategies of Omni Channel technique cannot be collectively discussed in the same article. Hence, we will limit the scope of this article towards the benefits and future of Omni channel communication. But before we dive into that, lets first have a quick outlook on what exactly is an Omni channel strategy. An Omni channel strategy means providing the users (that can be consumers, retailers, or company employees) with a fully integrated network of relevant (e.g. workplace) functions to be performed that can be standardized and accessed from a unified channel implemented for them. This unified channel that brings the subjects or users into a network of connections with each other (in terms of data sharing, information collection, communication, social media management or support center operations) is called an Omni Channel Strategy. Now, let us have a brief overview of the benefits and future of the Omni Channel Communication.

Omni Channel Communication

The importance of Omni channel communication has been exponentially increased with the advent of digitalization. About almost a decade and a half ago, the only reliable and practicing sources of communication between a business and a client were either a cellphone call or an email. In contrast to that, the consumers of today use dozens of communication channels including social media platforms to interact with any business. According to the numbers and reports:

The forecast based on the above percentages of customer behavior patterns signify quite a lot about the future of the Omni channel communication. Let’s have a detailed inspection of the above listed facts.

83% of the Customers Rushing to the Internet for the first point of contact or for information collection shows that companies having a sound and dynamic web presence have a greater opportunity to capture the interests of the visitors before they bounce off to the other available options. It must be noted that online identity is not merely about structuring and launching a website. Online presence requires that a company shall have their brand identities on every social media platform such as Facebook, messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and TickTok. Apart from that, there are other platforms as well that require prompt responses to the customer interactions such as WhatsApp, Email interactions, direct calls and SMS channels and YouTube. A collective presence on these platforms not only increases the prospects of converting the visitors into leads but this proactive presence on different channels also increases the credibility of a business and hence enables any business to gain and retain the customer experience and loyalties for a longer period of time.

52% Of Customer Depreciation rate after a bad experience with a brand on any one of their channels highlights the importance of having a unified and central portal for customer interactions. Or in other words, the implementation of an Omni channel strategy for optimizing the communications with the customers. An Omni channel system for customer support allows the customer care representatives to have access to every customer’s information and their history of interactions with the business. This ease of access to the information of customers enables the help center employees to address the customer queries in a precise manner and offer personalized solutions to them based on their needs and history of interactions with the business. Omni channel strategy empowers a business to have central and unified access to all the incoming customer queries from different social media platforms and enables them to respond to each of those requests from the very same portal. In this way, the synchronous flow of work can be established that can help a business in closing a greater number of incoming queries. In effect, the customer depreciation rate can be lowered and hence a greater customer retention rate can be maintained which is the ultimate goal for the growth of any business.  

62% of Customers Highlighting the Quality of Support Center as one of the metrics of a competitive differentiator shows the importance of a synchronized customer support center. Very often the quality of support center is diminished when the help center agents have to put the customers on hold to fetch their history with the organization or to find some other information for the query resolution of the customers. This hold up leads to the customer losing interest and subsequently leads to the depreciation in customer retention rate. The quality of the support center can not only be increased but can also be monitored and maintained at greater levels since all the customer data and interaction records are collected in a unified Omni channel portal. This one-pace collection of data helps the CRM departments, tools and employees to generate useful and meaningful analytics out of that data records. These analytics can in turn be used to map the future activities accordingly and optimize the business milestone achievement journey.


There is a very close competition between many big competitors in the global markets. The rules of the games have been changed over the past decade and businesses now focus more on retaining the customers than to attract new customers. Customer retention can only be increased by improving the quality of their interactions with the business. The numbers have already shown the vital importance of improving the commination channels in the best interests of the business. In the light of these facts and figures, the successful business ten years from now would be the one that implemented the Omni channel communication system “yesterday”. Because it has already started. Second best time is right now! Don’t wait or it may cost your business a fortune..

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.


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The trends of digitalization and automation of workplace have seen a massive up rise and its effects have certainly impacted the academics and education in general as well. The conventional approach of classrooms and physical attendance for presence has been moved to the all-new remotely managed online teaching system which is often known as e-learning system. The e-learning approaches have been revolutionizing the entire future of established teaching, education and learning systems. The platforms that offer these services of e-learning education are called Learning Management Systems or LMSs. A well-organized and structured LMS can be thought of as a well-structured CRM of any business. An LMS is like a command and control center from where one can handle an entire classroom, or administer online classes of a college or even run a virtual online university with all the essential features and must-haves in the online portal of LMS. ProLS LMS is one of the latest Learning Management Systems that can cater the needs of almost any level of learning systems ranging from schools to universities and even in-house training set ups for corporate organizations as well. ProLS Learning Solutions deploy the latest CDN technology to ensure the easy access of learning material to the registered users from anywhere in the world. Similarly, ProLS has also deployed the latest security protocols to ensure the data privacy and protection of the personal information of the registered users with ProLS.

Selling your courses online requires an intelligent approach from the early start while the course content is being organized and devised. If you are interested in selling your courses online with ProLS or any other LMS for all that matters, then you should address the below mentioned factors in fine details if you prefer your own course to beat dozens of other online courses available at different platforms but containing almost the same KPIs or learning outcomes. Here are some of the key factors that you can refine about your online courses to turn them into best-selling content on ProLS.

Rich Course Content

First things first, in order to add value to your course, you have to create it with an eye for detail and provide your learners and students with some rich and knowledge draining content in your course. An effective course has to be complete by all means so that the readers or learners do not have to rely or look up in other references to further clarify their understanding towards what you have already taught.

Gain Audience Confidence

There is certainly no single way to do a job and same can be applied to enriching the content of a course. The content enrichment can always be improved by identifying the interested audience. The relevant audience would be able to appreciate the content and explanations more and the effectiveness of the course would also be increased. Similarly, yet another indirect approach towards increasing the reach or audience of your courses is to keep a proactive presence on social forums and discussion panels where there is a probability of attracting the interested audience and then introduce them once you’ve got their attention. Hit the nail when the iron is hot. However, in order for this to work, you will have to have your pitch ready so you can advertise your course in any social forum or gathering without a pause and without lacking the confidence.

Design and Format your Courses

The formatting and designing of the course content is as important as the course content itself. Although ProLS has instructional designers that can structure and organize the course for you, but you can also design it yourself if you do not prefer to spend on the course yourself before selling it online. The effectiveness of any course depends not only on the course content but also on how the very content was being displayed. Therefore, the use of slides, animations, color coding and presentation formats are essential factors in order to create an aesthetic, professional and eye-catching format for the content of your courses that need to be marketed.

Appealing and Compelling Content

The outline of the course shall be necessarily drafted so that it is made very clear to the users in the beginning about what this course is all about and what level of professional knowledge will be taught as part of the course content. A constant scrutiny of the designed course contents enables the author to improve the existing and useless information that is contained within the course content files. Similarly, the refined and well-targeted knowledge pushes the other users to gain access to your courses since its content is appealing and customer-centric. You have to make sure that the content that you are producing is interactive enough.

Highlight the Key Learning Outcomes

If your content keeps relating the flow of information with the key learning outcomes of the same very same. It increases the audience effectiveness and interests towards your course since they can have an idea about what percentage of the content has been covered and what portion is still ahead of the time to be launched.

Differentiate your Offers

There are different ways to create distinction or differentiation within your course content or offers being mentioned. The eLearning markets are occupied with a wide data set of different courses and different training modules that standing out of in the crowd would require a lot of efforts on the design and development of your online course.

Market your Course

There is essentially an infinite set of strategies when it comes to market your product, service or online content. One can keep a social media presence along with setting up your personal profile-type website identity. While others can meet the marketing requirements to increase the effectiveness of selling ratio by introducing the courses’ status on search engine rankings.


The future of learning is online education very soon in the future now. In this context, it is very beneficial for the people to start making their own courses of every skill or knowledge that they own and convert the skills into the fiscal resources wherever need be.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.



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The spread of COVID 19 Corona Virus has caused the telehealth services to change their conventional approach and a newer dynamic practice is being structured by different healthcare organizations around the world. The frontline workers amidst the corona virus are now relying majorly on telehealth services to protect not only the patients but also the staff treating them. Reportedly, there has been an increase of as high as ninety-seven percent in the utilization of telehealth services by healthcare organization since the outbreak of the global pandemic. Telehealth also known as virtual healthcare has in fact become a need of the time since it has a very effective role in the initial screening and treatment of COVID-19 patients without putting the lives of healthcare workers and nurses at stake. Among the atrocities of the global pandemic and lockdowns all over the world, the need and effectiveness of an interconnected remotely controlled healthcare units has been practically realized. As per the numbers, a massive amount ranging billions of dollars had been only in the first six months of the spread of virus to innovatively deal with the crises of the pandemic. The solution nonetheless is the provision of an effective and integrated telehealth system to protect the lives of everyone around including those healthcare workers who are on the front lines in dealing with the whole situation. There are quite a lot of benefits of implementing telehealth and virtual healthcare units.

Mutual Protection of the Healthcare Staff and Apparent Patients

There are hundreds and thousands of cases amidst the Corona Virus that people upon developing matching symptoms rush to the healthcare units to get them tested for the virus. This activity can lead to one of the two possibilities. Either the subject has contracted the virus or he/she has not. However, the interactions that take place between this whole activity open another channel of virus contraction. There is a possibility that the subject comes in contact with the carrier or that the subject is already a carrier and transmits it on to the healthcare workers. This kind of added probabilities of virus contraction can then be avoided if the telehealth system is in action and is well utilized.

Ease of Access to Information by Healthcare Specialists

There is a hot debate about how the aftermath of Corona Virus may change the way forever how certain healthcare professionals deal with their jobs. For instance, the radiologists are now using digital technologies and equipment to incorporate work from home regulations. This practice can be extended to the post pandemic ecosystem all so well with the new concept of tele-radiology being introduced to let the specialists deal with the patients remotely from home.

Improved Healthcare Services in the Overly Populated Areas

The pandemic has caused a disruption in the even distribution of access to healthcare departments in different geographical regions and overly populated areas have apparently failed big time to incorporate the regulations of social distancing in the hospitals. The concept of telehealth has bright and promising prospects to deal with situations like these since the virtual or tele healthcare units will have a greater capacity to deal with the patients.

Similarly, there are many other benefits of telehealth but let’s move on to the available telehealth solutions. Among the number of globally renowned solutions, the ones that have made a highlight include:

Message Bird has a dedicated healthcare section that enables the doctors and patients to communicate with each other swiftly. There is an Omni channel communication network offered by Message Bird to enable the patients establish the communications with their specialists in no time over the quickest channel available to them such as messenger, WhatsApp, We Chat and other similar communication platforms. It reduces the time to connect with the doctor and hence is more risk-less since no physical interaction needs to be made. Similarly, diagnosis can also be made remotely and save up the travel time. Additionally, the remote consultation with the patients enables the doctors to save the time for more complex and urgent cases. In this way, the total effectiveness of the entire healthcare system can be optimized if the regular check-ups and tests can be automated, sparing the important time of doctors and specialists to dedicate towards the emergency cases and matters of immediate attention. As for the automation, there is also a provision of medicine prescription based on the results of the remote diagnosis. Chat bots can be deployed by Message Bird to deal with the first point of contact with the regular patients to automate the initial history taking process of the patient. One of the most important aspect of digitalization is the data privacy of the users, which in this case are the patients. Message Bird has taken care of it well by introducing a “2FA” two-factor authentication process which can be prompted at any time to confirm the identity of the patient before proceeding with the personal information or illness of the subject.

 Twilio for Healthcare is a distinct section of Twilio dedicated for the optimization of remote interactions between the patients and the healthcare professionals. The basic structure of Twilio for Healthcare is almost the same as that of the Message Bird. The services being offered by Twilio include the functionality of an Omni channel to increase the pace of communication between the patients and their doctors. The patients can establish a context based communication with the doctors through the very Omni channel using any communication platform of their ease and availability. However, the novelty that Twilio offers unlike Message Bird is that it offers highly customizable and programmable communication channels to meet different communication barriers. The telehealth or virtual healthcare by Twilio offers automation by creating a self-service platform for the patients to have access to the FAQs for the regular check-ups and other intuitive information. The platform offers reliable and trusted communicated that are backed by verification and authorization processes using “two factor authentication” of the patient.

SalesForce has known to create the most efficient telehealth system for virtual or remote treatment of the patients. Known as SalesForce Health Cloud, the platform has created an interconnected network of doctors, healthcare service providers, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment suppliers and specialists. In fact, SalesForce has gone so beyond that they have created a special and dedicated Patient Engagement CRM Software. SalesForce Health Cloud also enables useful triggers and workflows that make important care information available to both patients and providers on any connected device. This level of access empowers patients to take ownership of their health goals and care plans. Patient data is protected and secured by Salesforce Shield for compliance, governance, and PHI data protection. In this way, it won’t be unfair to say that SalesForce offers the most premium Cloud based Healthcare opportunities to optimize the entire ecosystem of healthcare for the wellness and to maximize its sole purpose of saving lives.


The global pandemic of Corona Virus has highlighted the significance of how telehealth can optimize the functionalities of a healthcare unit if certain processes can be automated and others can be performed remotely. Now would be the right time to maintain the effective telehealth systems and normalize this practice so that the post pandemic ecosystems of healthcare systems can focus on developing new solutions by saving up more time and patients overall.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.


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Consult 2 Manage is a digital solutions provider company offering almost all many business requirements there are. However, when it comes to businesses outsourcing the agencies and other service providers to address their needs, the biggest problem and concern there exists is that the businesses do not feel comfortable and safe to disclose the business protocols and other in-house procedures to every single service provider so as to enable them to understand the problem well before they can devise a customized solution for your requirements. For instance, assume a business plans on hiring a third party service provider company to run their social media campaigns for them. In order to do this, the business will have to disclose certain amount of in-house information in order for the third party to understand and merge with the accepted practice and systems of work. They will also have to let the third party in on their sprints to boost their sales through social media platforms. Similarly, assume if a business has to hire a service provider in order to fix a recurring bug in their e-commerce store, the would indirectly be handling their account books to that service provider which can be quite a risky decision in case things go down south. All this trouble just for him to solve one issue. The same case can also be used to create an analogy where there is an unknown error on the website and the third party service provider gains access to the backend data and analytics of your business. Take for example a situation where you need to move your website to a new server since your business has expanded, you would yet again have to rely on someone to do the job. Similarly, a business can have needs such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Print Products procurement, web hosting requirements, in-house LMS needs and what not. And disclosing business information with that big a number can be not only exhausting for any business but also poses a sense of discomfort on the shoulders of the upper management that they be relying on so many different third party service providers to do the job for them. And this is where Consult 2 Manage plays its part.

Consult 2 Manage is not merely a digital solutions service provider company. It is in fact, a one window, a one stop shop service provider company to address almost all the business requirements of any company. Consult 2 Manage has a wide network of technical and administrative staff to deal with the business requirements of companies of any size and stature. We at C2M take care of and address all the needs of any modern business establishment or maintenance. Currently, the services offered by C2M under its one window business channel are categorized into the following classes.

  1. Services
  2. Essentials
  3. Printing
  4. Blogs
  5. Support Centre

Some of other categories include

  1. Elements
  2. Dashboard
  3. Sites
  4. Reviews
  5. Learnings

The aforementioned categories have further subclasses the collection of which adds up to dozens of services being offered by a single, unified, one window platform to address the business requirements of any company. However, before we jump up to discuss what is contained in the sub classes of the above listed categories, it is important to discuss the reason why they have been partitioned into 2 groups collectively. The reason is that the first five categories are basically the applications that are currently active and are offered by C2M at the very moment. C2M calls the first set as Active Apps. However, the second set of five applications are the ones that are currently been under development by Consult 2 Manage and will be completely launched at some point in year 2021. This set of apps is entitled as “Future Apps”. So if you are reading this blog in 2021, chances are that the future apps in this blog may have changed their status to active apps. Who knows!

The bottom line is that these services collectively sum up to address almost all the major requirements of a business and the catch is that these services are offered by a single service provider, Consult 2 Manage, and this resolves the biggest concern of any business of disclosing of interacting with a group of different and independent third party service providers. With Consult 2 Manage, anyone can come into an agreement as early as in the conception stage of a business and C2M would suffice the needs of the business for as long as it is in a completely matured lifecycle of the business.

Let’s now have a brief overview of what the Active Apps offer for any business to gain stability, security and access to one-window platform.

Services section of C2M contains solutions to a number of the greatest and fundamental needs such as the implementation of an effectiveCRM, setting up dedicated solutions for meeting the customized requirements of any business, providing critical and vital ideas for a startup growth, search engine optimization SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing & management and business automation solutions in their implementation or maintenance or both. For instance, if a business is interested in integrating Zoho One or SalesForce 360 to optimize its business procedures, then C2M certified experts can help them set it up in an advanced and optimized fashion. Similarly, Consult 2 Manage can also help companies set up their communication channels or support centers using the most renowned software like Zendesk, Twilio or Message Bird.

Essentials section of C2M is about sufficing the web products needs of any business. Essentials provides the clients of C2M with dedicated cloud hosting servers if they prefer to increase the speed on their websites. Reports have shown that a good response speed on a website is directly related to gain the user’s attention and reduction in the bounce rates on the websites. Essentials provides different options for dedicated hosting and cloud hosting requirements of any businesses. Web design and development requirements can also be addressed from the platform of Essentials. Similarly, Essentials also helps a business in moving their servers to new ones as the business grows.

Printing section of C2M addresses both the hard and soft format printing requirements of any business. One can print latest design business cards, pamphlets, brochures, menus, templates and other leaflets for advertisements and promotions. C2M also offers latest technological advertising tools like LED fans advertising and Hologram based advertisement campaigns.   

Blogs is a unified platform dedicated to update the latest news and information regarding business promotion and SEO needs. Using Blogs segment of C2M, your business can post about their website to let it reach greater traffic in no time.

Support Centre offers our clients a dedicated access to our teams of expert professionals to address the unforeseen technological glitches being faced by our clients. C2M has deployed a ticket based support center to address a well-documented and registered support center to enable our clients have access to every team available at Consult 2 Manage.


The major concern of non-disclosure and privacy of businesses can be addressed in the best way possible using a one window solutions and service providers company. Consult 2 Manage is a well-established network of professionals to address all the technical, administrative, and printing needs of any business. It is in the best interests of any company to hire a one window service provider to maintain the privacy and sanctity of business procedures and protocols.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.


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Consult2Manage is a one stop solution and services-based digital marketing company. Consult2Manage caters to all the business needs ranging from website development to running the impactful social media marketing campaigns, from providing ground breaking solutions for start-ups to establishing customer relationship management dashboards for small to medium sized companies. In effect, Consult2Manage has a team of highly professional and dedicated personnel that can help you set up and maintain a digital entity for your company/organization. Consult2Manage offers a wide range of digital services that enables companies to achieve a collection of essential milestones which are crucial for any company to succeed digitally. We at C2M strive to provide the most contemporary services to our customers. Whether we develop them ourselves or have to outsource them for our customers but one thing that we do not compromise on is to provide the best to our clients.

Consult2Manage already has a number of business automation services and applications running in action and we feel tremendous to announce that our dedicated teams are working at the very moment to launch a number of many other applications as well. Consult2Manage has categorized all these apps into 2 main classes as “Active Apps” and “Future Apps”. Let’s discuss both the categories separately.

The Active Apps offered by Consult2Manage include:

Further text will discuss each one of the active apps separately before moving up to the future apps.


Services section of Consult2Manage is one of the major segments of the company. Consult2Manage offers a number of latest technologically advanced solutions for business optimization and growth such as Business Automation solutions, Dedicated Solutions, Start-up Growth Packages, Customer Relationship Management Solutions and Software, Search Engine Optimization SEO Services, Social Media Marketing and Management SMM services, Search Engine Marketing SEM, and Content Marketing. The aforementioned solutions are essentially core metrics to be taken care of for the optimization of any model. One or a combination of a few solutions listed above can be the fortune building asset of your company if deployed intelligently.

Within the Business Automation and Dedicated solutions, we are proud to offer the optimization of your business CRM software. A well-structured customer relationship management system strengthens the existing client relationships and simultaneously allows the new client relationships to establish and evolve quickly. While CRM lets you handle such important and significant domains of your business, a quick and efficient CRM to establish and maintain is not an easy feat. We at Consult2Manage employ various teams of highly qualified professionals who not only build customized customer relationship management systems for you but also maintain the system throughout the process to offer your clients a seamless customer service which will attract them to deal with you over and over again in the future as well. have been improvising their tools and services drastically. The Dedicated Solutions offer the expert services of C2M to help any business set up their online store with Shopify or WooCommerce that are the trendiest e-commerce store builder platforms. We also offer the services of Ecwid, ShopMaster and Zakeke as part of our Dedicated Solutions.

Business optimization factors like SEO, SEM, SMM, and content marketing go hands in hands for a maximized output. However, we also offer one or a combination of these search and content optimization services along with social media campaigns. Consult2Manage has years of experience in the aforementioned optimization domains.


After the Services, C2M launched another segment of the company entitled Essentials under which C2M offers Web Hosting Services, Website Design and Development, and Dedicated Virtual Cloud Hosting packages for fast, reliable, and ultra-high speedofyour business websites. The up-time of 99.99% and collaboration tools allow you to easily manage your clients, collaborate on sites, and transfer ownership of newly built sites to their respective clients. The dedicated cloud servers offer a wide range of benefits for your business ranging from data security and easy migration provisions. There is a risk of data privacy breach on shared servers which can be eliminated using cloud servers offered by C2M under the Essentials segment of the company. Similarly, if you need to expand your business’s web data to a greater server with the growth of your business, the cloud servers enable you to do it all so well and easily which is not the case with conventional shared hosting schemes whereby often the data is lost, crashed or delayed in the process of migrating the website to a new server.


As part of the provision to offer one window solutions to our client businesses, C2M has extended its services to provide the print products of all kinds that any business can require at any point in the life of the business. The right business marketing strategies always require quality print products that are not only aesthetically ambient but are also proven to gain the confidence and trust of the clients greater than those who tend to use mild or average quality prints. C2M Printing offers a wide range of high quality printing services from domestic requirements to business marketing print products. With C2M Printing, you can meet the print requirements of your business such as Business Cards, Banner and Signs, Garments and Bags Prints, Stationary and Office Supplies, Magnet Prints, Card Prints, Brochures and other Leaflets. These hard print products differ from digital ones since the printed materials are available in hard form and hence are personal. These are the marketing products that your customers can not only hold, touch and see but can also keep those with them so as to have a look at them later.


Consult2Manage believes in a constant improvisation process and thereby has launched a unified blogpost platform regarding all the apps offered by the very company. These blogs contain the insights, advantages and reviews of different business automation tools and services such as Zendesk, HubSpot, SalesForce, and Zoho One. At present, the Blogs section covers blogs related to business automation, various CRM software, benefits of SEO, SEM & SMM, e-learning solutions, LMSs, health care, assistive care and modern print products.

Support Centre 

Support Centre of C2M is yet another outcome of the provision of a unified system to address the queries, technical difficulties and other issues faced by our valued clients. Consult 2 Manage has deployed a ticket based system to address the queries of our customers in a well-documented and registered manner. The support center also offers technical problem solving and debugging concerns of any client whereby our expert professionals are provided the access of the client’s system. The experts at C2M identify the problems and provide the solutions accordingly. All of this technical support is undertaken remotely.

Now let’s discuss the Future Apps briefly.

Currently, there are a total of 5 future apps that C2M plans to launch one after the other. These apps are listed below.

Elements - C2M Elements is being designed to offer the creative designers and artists with a gigantic access to a number of digital elements that can prove to be a great value addition to any digital asset being created or generated using different combinations of these elements. C2M Elements is about giving our subscribers the liberty and access to the contemporary and funky digital elements.

Dashboard – The Dashboard platform is essentially the control center of the entire one-window solution; the foundational idea of C2M. The Dashboard would allow our clients to access all many apps of the company from a single sign on and one control panel to handle any requests or initiate any plan or protocol on any business apps offered by C2M.

Sites -  The Sites app would offer our business clients to have access to pre-built websites on the domains of their own preference. The customers having the membership of Sites would be able to access and use pre-designed themes for their websites and web stores.

ReviewsReviews is the segment of C2M that can be utilized most effectively in combination with your e-commerce stores. However, any business can also make use of Reviews by C2M if they acquire an online presence in the form a business website or social media channels. The Reviews is practically a review management software that will enable our business clients to monitor and manage the reviews that are being collected on different platforms and be able to address the concerns mentioned in the reviews as well.

LearningsLearnings section is more like e-learning systems. Within this section, anyone can subscribe to gain access to learning material to a variety of skill based knowledge such as website design and development courses, Word Press learning courses and other technical learning modules. The courses and trainings under Learnings section would not only be certified for the subscribers but would also be conducted under the high supervision of expert professionals and trainers.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.


Phone: +61 1800 841 914

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