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The businesses all around the world are going through major breakthrough innovations in terms of updating the business processes and models. The digitalization has altered the conventional and accepted practices in the workplace areas. New and innovative processes are replacing the existing workplace structures to optimize the outcomes of business processes. Various business tools such as Customer Relationship Management software, social media marketing strategies and other business automation tools are proven to increase the yield of business processes manifolds. These tools automate the business processes and activities so as to standardize a business model unlike the conventional way of irregularly conducting different business activities without a calculated outcome provision beforehand. Different business marketing automation tools and strategies have not only proven to increase the sales of the business but detailed analyses of the market including the competitor analyses have enabled the businesses to optimize their weak areas. This optimization is in turn directly related to an increase in the lead generation rate of the business. There are dozens of automation tools and software that can boost the growth of a business. However, it is not a wise approach to discuss each of them in a single blog since the brevity of each automation domain demands its own dedicated blog. Therefore, this blog will serve to be one amongst the many blogs that will be covering the business automation tools and their benefits.

Available Automation Solutions:

Although the list of available solutions is long when it comes to business automation solutions. This blog will be covering some of the top-of-the-line business automation tools that every business may require to get going. Different automation software target towards the automation of different business processes. However, it is of foremost and vital importance that the automation of as many business processes is ensured for better optimized results. Although, now there are more than hundred business automation tools and platforms with promising benefits and better performance metrics in terms of both the quality and quantity. Listed below are some of the globally renowned automation tools and software deployed by some of the biggest competitors in the global markets.

  1. Zoho Connect
  2. Zapier
  3. Automate.io

Now let’s discuss all of them in a greater depth and detail to highlight the processes, techniques and benefits of using each one of them to optimize the workplace activities for any business model.

Zoho Connect:

Zoho Connect is a subset of the greater platform Zoho. Zoho is one of the best recommended business automation platform for the beginners. It is not only cost-effective but it is also quite easy to adapt to. Zoho Connect eases the communication barrier between the employees working remotely by offering them a synchronous and a well-integrated communication channel to keep a record of everything that goes by around any department of the business. Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to get work done. Zoho Connect standardizes the work-from-home practices by the introduction of an intranet solution. The intranet solution of Zoho Connect empowers remote collaboration by helping your organization streamline internal communication, boost employee morale, and provide a centralized archive of information.

With Zoho Connect, you can optimize your internal communications, conduct virtual meetings, organize Town Hall sessions, and create work plans for each employee. The optimization of internal communication allows you to organize all your internal communication with familiar social features like feeds and comments, announcements, and groups. Similarly, you can make announcements or create a group with all the members in the company to keep them informed. The option of conducting virtual meetings is yet another way of increasing the effectiveness of internal communication. Online meetings are a great way to collaborate remotely. With a built-in chat function and online meeting capability, Zoho Connect makes it easy to reach out to any member in your organization, have one-on-one audio or video calls, deliver presentations, and even share your screens. Town Hall sessions is a strategy devised by Zoho Connect to promote transparency with the company. Town Hall sessions enable a company to boost employee morale by conducting regular sessions with the top management and within the teams as well. When working remotely, organizations need to make sure their employees stay connected; a town hall session with company leadership can work wonders in this regard. Similarly, work plans make it easy for the employees to understand the deliverables expected of them. Zoho Connect has a feature called Boards that any business can use to plan and organize all your employee work plans—from team projects to your to-do lists. You can also assign tasks, set priority levels, set due dates, trigger reminders, create checklists, and track their progress, while still getting a bird's-eye view of the bigger picture. Zoho Connect also offers its users with the options to create and edit the documents online within the portal so that the documents are accessible to everyone instantly. In this way Zoho Connect offers a fully functional work-from-home or in general remote work provision to maintain a flow of work consistently. Zoho Connect is a complete digital workplace solution that promotes a wining work culture boost your employee engagement, and optimizes the internal business communication by providing the provision of multi-faceted communication channels, offers a modern day intranet to bring the employees together in a unified digital space. Last but not the least, Zoho Connect can also be integrated with the existing applications to provide a synchronization and a robust business optimization model. Various business apps such RSS Feeds, Google Drive, Asana, appear.in, MailChimp, Google Calendar and many more can be quickly integrated with Zoho Connect swiftly.


Zapier is yet another automation tool that enables a business to connect their apps and automate their workplace. It is an easy automation system for data-centric businesses. With Zapier, one can move information and data between different web applications easily and sometimes automate it altogether so that the analyses based on that information can be refined better. Zapier enables your business to automate the flow of information and ease the data-sharing system. The catch here is that this whole data sharing is not only fully customizable but also it can be done without any requirement of coding or developer requirements met. The working model of Zapier revolves around something that they summarize it by Integrate, Automate, Innovate. With Zapier, you can create workflows that are termed as Zaps. These Zaps connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks, so you can focus on other work. You can set a trigger (that can be an email, an event or something) which prompts action to your Zaps (that can be data sharing across apps) and then your Zap will interact with the system accordingly as per your defined protocols. This whole series of actions can be undertaken without any coding needed. Apart from the option of creating your own Zaps network, Zapier also offers its users to explore their pre-built workflows to get started with Zapier quickly. With Zapier data sharing automation, you can share content across social media such as Facebook and Instagram, send customized or personal messages to new leads or notify your team members any new leads or any other activity. Zappier empowers the businesses to Stick with the tools that work best for them. There are hundreds of apps that can work best with Zapier. In fact, there is a whole separate section for Zapier whereby the users can select the apps that are used by their businesses and Zapier recommends the solutions for them accordingly. Although the premium plans of Zapier start at $20 per month, they also offer a 14-day free trial before their membership begins.


Automate.io is similar to Zapier from the functional point of view. It enables companies to integrate their cloud applications and to automate various business processes such as marketing and sales processes. Before we go into the functional details of the platform, it must be important to highlight the organizations that use automate.io so that a rough estimate can be drawn to project the effectiveness of this tool and the benefits that it can accumulate. Automate.io is currently trusted by 30,000+ organizations that include some of the globally renowned organizations such as Uber, Adobe and Intel.

Automate.io enables a company to create simple one-to-one automation workflows or to simply sync data between apps. For instance, you can use the platform to sync your data coming to Gmail with One Drive and automate this synchronization process. It saves up the time of the employees and all the important data is communicated between the concerned personnel automatically. Nonetheless, you can also create complex workflows if need be. Integration of multiple apps and functions can be done while adding a number of metrics such as delay, conditional logic, format data and do much more. Some of the hallmark features of automate.io include its simple and intuitive functional design. You can have zero coding knowledge and still, you can create integrations with as simple as drag and drop commands. Secure and reliable data encryption systems are intact in the system at all times (at rest and transit). Automat.io supports hundreds of apps for data sharing and integrations. All the globally renowned apps for CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, Helpdesk, Payments, Web forms, Collaboration are supported by this platform including all Google apps, Eventbrite, Airtable, Hubspot apps, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Zendesk, Quickbooks, Podio, Shopify, Slack and many more.          


Business automation is the future. It is in the best interests of any company with aims to attain and retain a leading position in global markets to incorporate different automation levels within their primary business models. Automation is inevitable and the sooner any business integrates these CRM automation tools, business marketing automation and sales automation tools, the sooner they can boost the effectiveness of their workplace activities and make the most out of their business models.

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