Future of Omni Channel Communication

The trends in the consumer industry are evolving rapidly than ever. The consumer behaviour patterns suggest that the buyers prefer multiple channels when it comes to enter in an interaction between the business and a consumer. And that is where the concept of Omni channel strategy is introduced. It is not a strategy that can be implemented to optimize or maximize a certain business function or operation. Instead, Omni channel strategy is an idea that can be implemented in a number of different business areas independently or in a segregated fashion. Some of the Omni channel strategies in different business areas are enlisted below.

However, all of these strategies of Omni Channel technique cannot be collectively discussed in the same article. Hence, we will limit the scope of this article towards the benefits and future of Omni channel communication. But before we dive into that, lets first have a quick outlook on what exactly is an Omni channel strategy. An Omni channel strategy means providing the users (that can be consumers, retailers, or company employees) with a fully integrated network of relevant (e.g. workplace) functions to be performed that can be standardized and accessed from a unified channel implemented for them. This unified channel that brings the subjects or users into a network of connections with each other (in terms of data sharing, information collection, communication, social media management or support center operations) is called an Omni Channel Strategy. Now, let us have a brief overview of the benefits and future of the Omni Channel Communication.

Omni Channel Communication

The importance of Omni channel communication has been exponentially increased with the advent of digitalization. About almost a decade and a half ago, the only reliable and practicing sources of communication between a business and a client were either a cellphone call or an email. In contrast to that, the consumers of today use dozens of communication channels including social media platforms to interact with any business. According to the numbers and reports:

The forecast based on the above percentages of customer behavior patterns signify quite a lot about the future of the Omni channel communication. Let’s have a detailed inspection of the above listed facts.

83% of the Customers Rushing to the Internet for the first point of contact or for information collection shows that companies having a sound and dynamic web presence have a greater opportunity to capture the interests of the visitors before they bounce off to the other available options. It must be noted that online identity is not merely about structuring and launching a website. Online presence requires that a company shall have their brand identities on every social media platform such as Facebook, messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and TickTok. Apart from that, there are other platforms as well that require prompt responses to the customer interactions such as WhatsApp, Email interactions, direct calls and SMS channels and YouTube. A collective presence on these platforms not only increases the prospects of converting the visitors into leads but this proactive presence on different channels also increases the credibility of a business and hence enables any business to gain and retain the customer experience and loyalties for a longer period of time.

52% Of Customer Depreciation rate after a bad experience with a brand on any one of their channels highlights the importance of having a unified and central portal for customer interactions. Or in other words, the implementation of an Omni channel strategy for optimizing the communications with the customers. An Omni channel system for customer support allows the customer care representatives to have access to every customer’s information and their history of interactions with the business. This ease of access to the information of customers enables the help center employees to address the customer queries in a precise manner and offer personalized solutions to them based on their needs and history of interactions with the business. Omni channel strategy empowers a business to have central and unified access to all the incoming customer queries from different social media platforms and enables them to respond to each of those requests from the very same portal. In this way, the synchronous flow of work can be established that can help a business in closing a greater number of incoming queries. In effect, the customer depreciation rate can be lowered and hence a greater customer retention rate can be maintained which is the ultimate goal for the growth of any business.  

62% of Customers Highlighting the Quality of Support Center as one of the metrics of a competitive differentiator shows the importance of a synchronized customer support center. Very often the quality of support center is diminished when the help center agents have to put the customers on hold to fetch their history with the organization or to find some other information for the query resolution of the customers. This hold up leads to the customer losing interest and subsequently leads to the depreciation in customer retention rate. The quality of the support center can not only be increased but can also be monitored and maintained at greater levels since all the customer data and interaction records are collected in a unified Omni channel portal. This one-pace collection of data helps the CRM departments, tools and employees to generate useful and meaningful analytics out of that data records. These analytics can in turn be used to map the future activities accordingly and optimize the business milestone achievement journey.


There is a very close competition between many big competitors in the global markets. The rules of the games have been changed over the past decade and businesses now focus more on retaining the customers than to attract new customers. Customer retention can only be increased by improving the quality of their interactions with the business. The numbers have already shown the vital importance of improving the commination channels in the best interests of the business. In the light of these facts and figures, the successful business ten years from now would be the one that implemented the Omni channel communication system “yesterday”. Because it has already started. Second best time is right now! Don’t wait or it may cost your business a fortune..

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