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The future of support centers has been constantly evolving and now there are a number of technologically sound and advanced solutions to address the issues and concerns of business contact centers that offer customer-centric services to not only increase the customer confidence in the company but also to provide any business with a unified platform to handle all the queries so as to yield out of any customer information by any department instantly. Especially in the light of the current global pandemic caused by COVID 19, many businesses had to move their systems online and hence their customer care and query resolution centers. This means that workplace-based customer support centers had to be moved to a work-from-home structure. Advanced customer support platforms enable any business to have agents quickly transition from the contact center to the home office and hence be able to seamlessly continue assisting its customers even during a global pandemic such as COVID 19. The future of customer support centers is evolving as of now and companies would soon be setting up the programmable support center to customize it in a way to best suit your own business requirements. The customer support center is the first touchpoint between a business and its customers. The impact of this first contact defines a lot about the future prospects of the business with the very customer and hence the touchpoints have to be not only welcoming but also well-directed so that you can add value addition at every point in the lives of your customers.

Twilio Flex is one of the top of the line and latest customer support platform service providers known for deploying the latest technologies in order to ensure robust business-to-customer communication online to resolve the queries of any category. In fact, the platform already has a tremendous number of active clients globally that serves to be a testimony of the services Twilio Flex has to offer. According to the number claimed by Twilio itself, the platform is proud to:

The further text will be highlighting the benefits of Twilio in combination with the solutions it provides.

Cloud-based Contact Center:

It is the world’s most flexible cloud contact center that is powering over and about half a million agents worldwide. With Twilio Flex, you can have a quick and complete transition from conventional communication sources to online and remote communications access. This platform provides you a robust and completely independent environment. Twilio Flex uses the latest cloud-based technology to offer one of the world’s most flexible cloud contact centers.

Completely Programmable Contact Center:

Twilio Flex provides a completely programmable contact center to its clients so that it not only serves the requirements of any business right on spot but can also be best integrated with the existing business automation tools and software. Twilio Flex cloud-based contact center can be implemented to a business of any size and stature. The fundamental potential of implementing Twilio lies in its functional liberty to customize the platform to match just the right requirements of any business. It allows the developers to take complete control of their organizational dashboard. Developers can easily create, modify or extend every part of Twilio Flex-based solely on their own discretion and individual needs of any organization. You can add any number of channels for your business organization or even move your entire contact center to the cloud.

Quick and Easy Installation:

Any business can build and deploy a 100% cloud contact center of Twilio Flex essentially in less than a week. With Twilio Flex, you’re free from the limitations of SaaS applications and can rapidly deploy a contact center that is tailored to your business needs. In this way, any business can get its operations running and performing at the peak while the new integrations of Twilio Flex merge with the existing protocols just as swiftly as anything can do.

Lower the Maintenance Costs of Contact Centers:

The implementation of the Twilio Flex cloud-based contact center for your business can help it reduce costs and maintain communications with your potential clients by offering them a wide range of channels. Twilio Flex users reportedly save 34% on contact center operational expenses.

Omni Channel Communication Platform:

You can integrate your Twilio Flex platform across as many communication channels as your business deems necessary. In fact, marketing has a key role and direct connection with maintaining communications with current and prospective clients across the communication channels of their comfort and feasibility. Using Twilio Flex, you can use almost all of the renowned channels to maintain communications. Omni-channel customer service offered by Twilio Flex supports messaging channels like WhatsApp, SMS, or WebChat alongside voice with intelligent routing and performance tracking. Customer satisfaction is the goal of every agent-customer interaction. Agents strive to deliver an answer to a question or resolution to a problem seamlessly. Omni-channel empowers them to do just that. Connect with your clients from a unified platform and communicate with them over:

Mentioned below are some of the other tools and functions that can be utilized from the platform of Twilio Flex.

Twilio Phone Numbers: Twilio's virtual phone numbers give you instant access to local, national, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers in over 100 countries for your voice call and messaging applications. We can set them up for you to use for lead generation, sending mass campaigns, lead tracking, and much more.

Twilio Messages: Twilio has surpassed the global telecom network and implemented a global cloud telecom service with capabilities such as voice messages to connect with mobile devices, web applications, or landlines. Similarly, apart from SMS or MMS services, Twilio also supports video calling infrastructures embedded into mobile or web-based apps.

Channels: You can reach your customers on one of the many channels they prefer—whether that’s SMS, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, or even Fax—using one API with instant Omni-channel capabilities. Twilio is always adding new channels as they become popular, so you can find the best channel for your message services.

Twilio Studio: Twilio Studio is a powerful visual application builder that helps you build and edit your marketing campaigns on the fly, no developer required. With ready-made communication workflows for any channel, you can use Studio to craft everything from order notifications to phone trees, testing your campaigns along the way to see what works.

AI-Powered Self-Service:

AI-powered self-service platforms integrate customer services with intelligent IVRs and chatbots to deal with the recurring everyday inquiries of clients and hence reduce the wait time for customers to provide them with a better communication experience with your company. These intelligent chatbots help the customers to find what they are looking for faster and reduce the operational costs and consequently help the organizations gain customer interest and loyalty in very little time taken.

Remote Agent Contact Centers:

Remote agent contact centers make it easy for agents and supervisors to work from home with almost very few operational effects. Here are some of the best practices to deliver exceptional customer experiences regardless of wherever you are working from.

  1. Create queues and skills for a Twilio Flex contact center
  2. Tips for setting up remote agents with Twilio Flex
  3. Route customer service calls to agents with PHP and Laravel
  4. Route incoming calls with Twilio Voice, Python, and Django
  5. Build a Twilio SIP Based Remote Work Application

Integration with Existing Software:

One of the most remarkable features of Twilio Flex is that it integrates with other CRMs such as SalesForce, Zendesk, or almost any other CRM. This integration with the applications already in use provides a unified platform to deal and interact with complete compatibility. Flex offers you to build the customizations according to the needs of your company or organization and deploy these modifications according to your will. There is complete freedom and autonomy for such customizations when it comes to Twilio Flex. Apart from all other features, Twilio flex allows you to gain a complete operational insight into progress and reports. You can add KPI monitoring metrics, access interaction data with your own reporting tools, and use performance trends to further inspect and iterate your contact center characteristics.


The success of any business model is tied to its potential to undertake innovative processes at the right time. The world is seeing a gigantic change in the conventional business models and the future of support centers is also going to be improvised accordingly. Cloud-based contact centers are the future of support centers and Twilio may be one of the most intelligent investments a business can incur. However, the timely implementation of the innovative technologies proves to be a fortune in the lives of businesses and Twilio Flex may be the next implementation to get you that fortune.

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