Importance of Telehealth and Available Solutions

The spread of the COVID 19 Corona Virus has caused the telehealth services to change their conventional approach and a newer dynamic practice is being structured by different healthcare organizations around the world. The frontline workers amidst the coronavirus are now relying majorly on telehealth services to protect not only the patients but also the staff treating them. Reportedly, there has been an increase of as high as ninety-seven percent in the utilization of telehealth services by healthcare organizations since the outbreak of the global pandemic. Telehealth, also known as virtual healthcare, has in fact become a need of time since it has a very effective role in the initial screening and treatment of COVID-19 patients without putting the lives of healthcare workers and nurses at stake. Among the atrocities of the global pandemic and lockdowns all over the world, the need and effectiveness of interconnected remotely controlled healthcare units have been practically realized. As per the numbers, a massive amount ranging from billions of dollars had been spent only in the first six months of the spread of the virus to innovatively deal with the crises of the pandemic. The solution nonetheless is the provision of an effective and integrated telehealth system to protect the lives of everyone around including those healthcare workers who are on the front lines in dealing with the whole situation. There are quite a lot of benefits of implementing telehealth and virtual healthcare units.

Mutual Protection of the Healthcare Staff and Apparent Patients

There are hundreds and thousands of cases amidst the Corona Virus that people upon developing matching symptoms rush to the healthcare units to get them tested for the virus. This activity can lead to one of the two possibilities. Either the subject has contracted the virus or he/she has not. However, the interactions that take place between this whole activity open another channel of virus contraction. There is a possibility that the subject comes in contact with the carrier or that the subject is already a carrier and transmits it to the healthcare workers. This kind of added probability of virus contraction can then be avoided if the telehealth system is in action and is well utilized.

Ease of Access to Information by Healthcare Specialists

There is a hot debate about how the aftermath of the Corona Virus may change the way forever how certain healthcare professionals deal with their jobs. For instance, radiologists are now using digital technologies and equipment to incorporate work from home regulations. This practice can be extended to the post-pandemic ecosystem all so well with the new concept of tele-radiology being introduced to let the specialists deal with the patients remotely from home.

Improved Healthcare Services in the Overly Populated Areas

The pandemic has caused a disruption in the even distribution of access to healthcare departments in different geographical regions and overly populated areas have apparently failed big time to incorporate the regulations of social distancing in the hospitals. The concept of telehealth has bright and promising prospects to deal with situations like these since the virtual or telehealth care units will have a greater capacity to deal with the patients.

Similarly, there are many other benefits of telehealth but let’s move on to the available telehealth solutions. Among the number of globally renowned solutions, the ones that have made a highlight include:

Message Bird has a dedicated healthcare section that enables doctors and patients to communicate with each other swiftly. There is an Omni channel communication network offered by Message Bird to enable the patients to establish communications with their specialists in no time over the quickest channel available to them such as messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and other similar communication platforms. It reduces the time to connect with the doctor and hence is more risk-less since no physical interaction needs to be made. Similarly, diagnosis can also be made remotely and save up travel time. Additionally, the remote consultation with the patients enables the doctors to save time for more complex and urgent cases. In this way, the total effectiveness of the entire healthcare system can be optimized if the regular check-ups and tests can be automated, sparing the important time of doctors and specialists to dedicate towards the emergency cases and matters of immediate attention. As for the automation, there is also a provision of medicine prescription based on the results of the remote diagnosis. Chat bots can be deployed by Message Bird to deal with the first point of contact with the regular patients to automate the initial history-taking process of the patient. One of the most important aspects of digitalization is the data privacy of the users, which in this case are the patients. Message Bird has taken care of it well by introducing a “2FA” two-factor authentication process which can be prompted at any time to confirm the identity of the patient before proceeding with the personal information or illness of the subject.

 Twilio for Healthcare is a distinct section of Twilio dedicated to the optimization of remote interactions between the patients and the healthcare professionals. The basic structure of Twilio for Healthcare is almost the same as that of the Message Bird. The services being offered by Twilio include the functionality of an Omni channel to increase the pace of communication between the patients and their doctors. The patients can establish context-based communication with the doctors through the very Omni channel using any communication platform of their ease and availability. However, the novelty that Twilio offers unlike Message Bird is that it offers highly customizable and programmable communication channels to meet different communication barriers. Telehealth or virtual healthcare by Twilio offers automation by creating a self-service platform for the patients to have access to the FAQs for regular check-ups and other intuitive information. The platform offers reliable and trusted communication that is backed by verification and authorization processes using “two-factor authentication” of the patient.

SalesForce has been known to create the most efficient telehealth system for virtual or remote treatment of patients. Known as SalesForce Health Cloud, the platform has created an interconnected network of doctors, healthcare service providers, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment suppliers, and specialists. In fact, SalesForce has gone so beyond that they have created a special and dedicated Patient Engagement CRM Software. SalesForce Health Cloud also enables useful triggers and workflows that make important care information available to both patients and providers on any connected device. This level of access empowers patients to take ownership of their health goals and care plans. Patient data is protected and secured by Salesforce Shield for compliance, governance, and PHI data protection. In this way, it won’t be unfair to say that SalesForce offers the most premium Cloud-based Healthcare opportunities to optimize the entire ecosystem of healthcare for wellness and to maximize its sole purpose of saving lives.


The global pandemic of the Corona Virus has highlighted the significance of how telehealth can optimize the functionalities of a healthcare unit if certain processes can be automated and others can be performed remotely. Now would be the right time to maintain the effective telehealth systems and normalize this practice so that the post-pandemic ecosystems of healthcare systems can focus on developing new solutions by saving up more time and patients overall.

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