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How to Sell Your Courses with ProLS?

Article by Daniyal Ghaffar in  - December 17, 2020

The trends of digitalization and automation of workplace have seen a massive up rise and its effects have certainly impacted the academics and education in general as well. The conventional approach of classrooms and physical attendance for presence has been moved to the all-new remotely managed online teaching system which is often known as e-learning system. The e-learning approaches have been revolutionizing the entire future of established teaching, education and learning systems. The platforms that offer these services of e-learning education are called Learning Management Systems or LMSs. A well-organized and structured LMS can be thought of as a well-structured CRM of any business. An LMS is like a command and control center from where one can handle an entire classroom, or administer online classes of a college or even run a virtual online university with all the essential features and must-haves in the online portal of LMS. ProLS LMS is one of the latest Learning Management Systems that can cater the needs of almost any level of learning systems ranging from schools to universities and even in-house training set ups for corporate organizations as well. ProLS Learning Solutions deploy the latest CDN technology to ensure the easy access of learning material to the registered users from anywhere in the world. Similarly, ProLS has also deployed the latest security protocols to ensure the data privacy and protection of the personal information of the registered users with ProLS.

Selling your courses online requires an intelligent approach from the early start while the course content is being organized and devised. If you are interested in selling your courses online with ProLS or any other LMS for all that matters, then you should address the below mentioned factors in fine details if you prefer your own course to beat dozens of other online courses available at different platforms but containing almost the same KPIs or learning outcomes. Here are some of the key factors that you can refine about your online courses to turn them into best-selling content on ProLS.

Rich Course Content

First things first, in order to add value to your course, you have to create it with an eye for detail and provide your learners and students with some rich and knowledge draining content in your course. An effective course has to be complete by all means so that the readers or learners do not have to rely or look up in other references to further clarify their understanding towards what you have already taught.

Gain Audience Confidence

There is certainly no single way to do a job and same can be applied to enriching the content of a course. The content enrichment can always be improved by identifying the interested audience. The relevant audience would be able to appreciate the content and explanations more and the effectiveness of the course would also be increased. Similarly, yet another indirect approach towards increasing the reach or audience of your courses is to keep a proactive presence on social forums and discussion panels where there is a probability of attracting the interested audience and then introduce them once you’ve got their attention. Hit the nail when the iron is hot. However, in order for this to work, you will have to have your pitch ready so you can advertise your course in any social forum or gathering without a pause and without lacking the confidence.

Design and Format your Courses

The formatting and designing of the course content is as important as the course content itself. Although ProLS has instructional designers that can structure and organize the course for you, but you can also design it yourself if you do not prefer to spend on the course yourself before selling it online. The effectiveness of any course depends not only on the course content but also on how the very content was being displayed. Therefore, the use of slides, animations, color coding and presentation formats are essential factors in order to create an aesthetic, professional and eye-catching format for the content of your courses that need to be marketed.

Appealing and Compelling Content

The outline of the course shall be necessarily drafted so that it is made very clear to the users in the beginning about what this course is all about and what level of professional knowledge will be taught as part of the course content. A constant scrutiny of the designed course contents enables the author to improve the existing and useless information that is contained within the course content files. Similarly, the refined and well-targeted knowledge pushes the other users to gain access to your courses since its content is appealing and customer-centric. You have to make sure that the content that you are producing is interactive enough.

Highlight the Key Learning Outcomes

If your content keeps relating the flow of information with the key learning outcomes of the same very same. It increases the audience effectiveness and interests towards your course since they can have an idea about what percentage of the content has been covered and what portion is still ahead of the time to be launched.

Differentiate your Offers

There are different ways to create distinction or differentiation within your course content or offers being mentioned. The eLearning markets are occupied with a wide data set of different courses and different training modules that standing out of in the crowd would require a lot of efforts on the design and development of your online course.

Market your Course

There is essentially an infinite set of strategies when it comes to market your product, service or online content. One can keep a social media presence along with setting up your personal profile-type website identity. While others can meet the marketing requirements to increase the effectiveness of selling ratio by introducing the courses’ status on search engine rankings.


The future of learning is online education very soon in the future now. In this context, it is very beneficial for the people to start making their own courses of every skill or knowledge that they own and convert the skills into the fiscal resources wherever need be.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.



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