C2M Provides One Window Solution to Address the Concerns of Every Business

Consult 2 Manage is a digital solutions provider company offering almost all many business requirements there are. However, when it comes to businesses outsourcing the agencies and other service providers to address their needs, the biggest problem and concern there exists is that the businesses do not feel comfortable and safe to disclose the business protocols and other in-house procedures to every single service provider so as to enable them to understand the problem well before they can devise a customized solution for your requirements. For instance, assume a business plans on hiring a third party service provider company to run their social media campaigns for them. In order to do this, the business will have to disclose certain amount of in-house information in order for the third party to understand and merge with the accepted practice and systems of work. They will also have to let the third party in on their sprints to boost their sales through social media platforms. Similarly, assume if a business has to hire a service provider in order to fix a recurring bug in their e-commerce store, the would indirectly be handling their account books to that service provider which can be quite a risky decision in case things go down south. All this trouble just for him to solve one issue. The same case can also be used to create an analogy where there is an unknown error on the website and the third party service provider gains access to the backend data and analytics of your business. Take for example a situation where you need to move your website to a new server since your business has expanded, you would yet again have to rely on someone to do the job. Similarly, a business can have needs such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Print Products procurement, web hosting requirements, in-house LMS needs and what not. And disclosing business information with that big a number can be not only exhausting for any business but also poses a sense of discomfort on the shoulders of the upper management that they be relying on so many different third party service providers to do the job for them. And this is where Consult 2 Manage plays its part.

Consult 2 Manage is not merely a digital solutions service provider company. It is in fact, a one window, a one stop shop service provider company to address almost all the business requirements of any company. Consult 2 Manage has a wide network of technical and administrative staff to deal with the business requirements of companies of any size and stature. We at C2M take care of and address all the needs of any modern business establishment or maintenance. Currently, the services offered by C2M under its one window business channel are categorized into the following classes.

  1. Services
  2. Essentials
  3. Printing
  4. Blogs
  5. Support Centre

Some of other categories include

  1. Elements
  2. Dashboard
  3. Sites
  4. Reviews
  5. Learnings

The aforementioned categories have further subclasses the collection of which adds up to dozens of services being offered by a single, unified, one window platform to address the business requirements of any company. However, before we jump up to discuss what is contained in the sub classes of the above listed categories, it is important to discuss the reason why they have been partitioned into 2 groups collectively. The reason is that the first five categories are basically the applications that are currently active and are offered by C2M at the very moment. C2M calls the first set as Active Apps. However, the second set of five applications are the ones that are currently been under development by Consult 2 Manage and will be completely launched at some point in year 2021. This set of apps is entitled as “Future Apps”. So if you are reading this blog in 2021, chances are that the future apps in this blog may have changed their status to active apps. Who knows!

The bottom line is that these services collectively sum up to address almost all the major requirements of a business and the catch is that these services are offered by a single service provider, Consult 2 Manage, and this resolves the biggest concern of any business of disclosing of interacting with a group of different and independent third party service providers. With Consult 2 Manage, anyone can come into an agreement as early as in the conception stage of a business and C2M would suffice the needs of the business for as long as it is in a completely matured lifecycle of the business.

Let’s now have a brief overview of what the Active Apps offer for any business to gain stability, security and access to one-window platform.

Services section of C2M contains solutions to a number of the greatest and fundamental needs such as the implementation of an effectiveCRM, setting up dedicated solutions for meeting the customized requirements of any business, providing critical and vital ideas for a startup growth, search engine optimization SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing & management and business automation solutions in their implementation or maintenance or both. For instance, if a business is interested in integrating Zoho One or SalesForce 360 to optimize its business procedures, then C2M certified experts can help them set it up in an advanced and optimized fashion. Similarly, Consult 2 Manage can also help companies set up their communication channels or support centers using the most renowned software like Zendesk, Twilio or Message Bird.

Essentials section of C2M is about sufficing the web products needs of any business. Essentials provides the clients of C2M with dedicated cloud hosting servers if they prefer to increase the speed on their websites. Reports have shown that a good response speed on a website is directly related to gain the user’s attention and reduction in the bounce rates on the websites. Essentials provides different options for dedicated hosting and cloud hosting requirements of any businesses. Web design and development requirements can also be addressed from the platform of Essentials. Similarly, Essentials also helps a business in moving their servers to new ones as the business grows.

Printing section of C2M addresses both the hard and soft format printing requirements of any business. One can print latest design business cards, pamphlets, brochures, menus, templates and other leaflets for advertisements and promotions. C2M also offers latest technological advertising tools like LED fans advertising and Hologram based advertisement campaigns.   

Blogs is a unified platform dedicated to update the latest news and information regarding business promotion and SEO needs. Using Blogs segment of C2M, your business can post about their website to let it reach greater traffic in no time.

Support Centre offers our clients a dedicated access to our teams of expert professionals to address the unforeseen technological glitches being faced by our clients. C2M has deployed a ticket based support center to address a well-documented and registered support center to enable our clients have access to every team available at Consult 2 Manage.


The major concern of non-disclosure and privacy of businesses can be addressed in the best way possible using a one window solutions and service providers company. Consult 2 Manage is a well-established network of professionals to address all the technical, administrative, and printing needs of any business. It is in the best interests of any company to hire a one window service provider to maintain the privacy and sanctity of business procedures and protocols.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.

Email: info@consult2manage.com

Phone: +61 1800 841 914

Daniyal Ghaffar

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