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Consult2Manage is a one stop solution and services-based digital marketing company. Consult2Manage caters to all the business needs ranging from website development to running the impactful social media marketing campaigns, from providing ground breaking solutions for start-ups to establishing customer relationship management dashboards for small to medium sized companies. In effect, Consult2Manage has a team of highly professional and dedicated personnel that can help you set up and maintain a digital entity for your company/organization. Consult2Manage offers a wide range of digital services that enables companies to achieve a collection of essential milestones which are crucial for any company to succeed digitally. We at C2M strive to provide the most contemporary services to our customers. Whether we develop them ourselves or have to outsource them for our customers but one thing that we do not compromise on is to provide the best to our clients.

Consult2Manage already has a number of business automation services and applications running in action and we feel tremendous to announce that our dedicated teams are working at the very moment to launch a number of many other applications as well. Consult2Manage has categorized all these apps into 2 main classes as “Active Apps” and “Future Apps”. Let’s discuss both the categories separately.

The Active Apps offered by Consult2Manage include:

Further text will discuss each one of the active apps separately before moving up to the future apps.


Services section of Consult2Manage is one of the major segments of the company. Consult2Manage offers a number of latest technologically advanced solutions for business optimization and growth such as Business Automation solutions, Dedicated Solutions, Start-up Growth Packages, Customer Relationship Management Solutions and Software, Search Engine Optimization SEO Services, Social Media Marketing and Management SMM services, Search Engine Marketing SEM, and Content Marketing. The aforementioned solutions are essentially core metrics to be taken care of for the optimization of any model. One or a combination of a few solutions listed above can be the fortune building asset of your company if deployed intelligently.

Within the Business Automation and Dedicated solutions, we are proud to offer the optimization of your business CRM software. A well-structured customer relationship management system strengthens the existing client relationships and simultaneously allows the new client relationships to establish and evolve quickly. While CRM lets you handle such important and significant domains of your business, a quick and efficient CRM to establish and maintain is not an easy feat. We at Consult2Manage employ various teams of highly qualified professionals who not only build customized customer relationship management systems for you but also maintain the system throughout the process to offer your clients a seamless customer service which will attract them to deal with you over and over again in the future as well. have been improvising their tools and services drastically. The Dedicated Solutions offer the expert services of C2M to help any business set up their online store with Shopify or WooCommerce that are the trendiest e-commerce store builder platforms. We also offer the services of Ecwid, ShopMaster and Zakeke as part of our Dedicated Solutions.

Business optimization factors like SEO, SEM, SMM, and content marketing go hands in hands for a maximized output. However, we also offer one or a combination of these search and content optimization services along with social media campaigns. Consult2Manage has years of experience in the aforementioned optimization domains.


After the Services, C2M launched another segment of the company entitled Essentials under which C2M offers Web Hosting Services, Website Design and Development, and Dedicated Virtual Cloud Hosting packages for fast, reliable, and ultra-high speedofyour business websites. The up-time of 99.99% and collaboration tools allow you to easily manage your clients, collaborate on sites, and transfer ownership of newly built sites to their respective clients. The dedicated cloud servers offer a wide range of benefits for your business ranging from data security and easy migration provisions. There is a risk of data privacy breach on shared servers which can be eliminated using cloud servers offered by C2M under the Essentials segment of the company. Similarly, if you need to expand your business’s web data to a greater server with the growth of your business, the cloud servers enable you to do it all so well and easily which is not the case with conventional shared hosting schemes whereby often the data is lost, crashed or delayed in the process of migrating the website to a new server.


As part of the provision to offer one window solutions to our client businesses, C2M has extended its services to provide the print products of all kinds that any business can require at any point in the life of the business. The right business marketing strategies always require quality print products that are not only aesthetically ambient but are also proven to gain the confidence and trust of the clients greater than those who tend to use mild or average quality prints. C2M Printing offers a wide range of high quality printing services from domestic requirements to business marketing print products. With C2M Printing, you can meet the print requirements of your business such as Business Cards, Banner and Signs, Garments and Bags Prints, Stationary and Office Supplies, Magnet Prints, Card Prints, Brochures and other Leaflets. These hard print products differ from digital ones since the printed materials are available in hard form and hence are personal. These are the marketing products that your customers can not only hold, touch and see but can also keep those with them so as to have a look at them later.


Consult2Manage believes in a constant improvisation process and thereby has launched a unified blogpost platform regarding all the apps offered by the very company. These blogs contain the insights, advantages and reviews of different business automation tools and services such as Zendesk, HubSpot, SalesForce, and Zoho One. At present, the Blogs section covers blogs related to business automation, various CRM software, benefits of SEO, SEM & SMM, e-learning solutions, LMSs, health care, assistive care and modern print products.

Support Centre 

Support Centre of C2M is yet another outcome of the provision of a unified system to address the queries, technical difficulties and other issues faced by our valued clients. Consult 2 Manage has deployed a ticket based system to address the queries of our customers in a well-documented and registered manner. The support center also offers technical problem solving and debugging concerns of any client whereby our expert professionals are provided the access of the client’s system. The experts at C2M identify the problems and provide the solutions accordingly. All of this technical support is undertaken remotely.

Now let’s discuss the Future Apps briefly.

Currently, there are a total of 5 future apps that C2M plans to launch one after the other. These apps are listed below.

Elements - C2M Elements is being designed to offer the creative designers and artists with a gigantic access to a number of digital elements that can prove to be a great value addition to any digital asset being created or generated using different combinations of these elements. C2M Elements is about giving our subscribers the liberty and access to the contemporary and funky digital elements.

Dashboard – The Dashboard platform is essentially the control center of the entire one-window solution; the foundational idea of C2M. The Dashboard would allow our clients to access all many apps of the company from a single sign on and one control panel to handle any requests or initiate any plan or protocol on any business apps offered by C2M.

Sites -  The Sites app would offer our business clients to have access to pre-built websites on the domains of their own preference. The customers having the membership of Sites would be able to access and use pre-designed themes for their websites and web stores.

ReviewsReviews is the segment of C2M that can be utilized most effectively in combination with your e-commerce stores. However, any business can also make use of Reviews by C2M if they acquire an online presence in the form a business website or social media channels. The Reviews is practically a review management software that will enable our business clients to monitor and manage the reviews that are being collected on different platforms and be able to address the concerns mentioned in the reviews as well.

LearningsLearnings section is more like e-learning systems. Within this section, anyone can subscribe to gain access to learning material to a variety of skill based knowledge such as website design and development courses, Word Press learning courses and other technical learning modules. The courses and trainings under Learnings section would not only be certified for the subscribers but would also be conducted under the high supervision of expert professionals and trainers.

Shall you be interested to talk to our experts to get a detailed technical insight towards the implementation of these services, or if you need to submit your general queries, then you can always reach out to us at the below mentioned communication channels and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible with some interesting facts and figures to amaze you.


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