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Consult 2 Manage is a digital solutions company with particularly dedicated expertise in business automation software and tools. Apart from this, C2M is also a profound service provider in web hosting, web development, plugins development, and the resolution of other on-site and off-site debugging issues. We at Consult 2 Manage believe in the constant improvisation process and that is why we have dedicated certain teams of experts in digging out the latest tools and technologies to provide our customers with the most updated and contemporary technological solutions in order to address their technical concerns. Our technical support services are customer-centric and are designed with the sole motive to empower our valued customers. We believe in supporting our clients all the way towards their journey to success and our team members put in their efforts and energies together to give the best amalgamation of expert opinion and access to certain third-party services so as to resolve our customer queries in the most refined fashion. Our best practices are focused on gaining and maintaining the customer confidence and loyalties to believe in our efforts in getting the job done for them with efficacy. You can subscribe to our technical support and management services to gain access to expert professionals. We at Consult 2 Manage have categorized our support services into 3 main categories that are listed below.

Further text down this blog will be covering a brief categorical overview of technical support and management that one can receive after they subscribe to any one or more of the above-mentioned support plans.

Technical Support in Business Automation Tools

As far as the technical support in business automation tools is concerned, Consult 2 Manage is profound to be hosting not only the implementation but also the maintenance services for optimizing the performance of some of the globally renowned business automation software and tools. It is of vital importance for any business to implement one or many business automation tools in its workplace environment so as to have a better and conducive approach to success. There are a number of business automation software and tools that can be collectively integrated with each other to add a degree of automation towards various business operations. These automation approaches include email marketing automation, automation of social media marketing, implementation of Customer Relationship Management CRM software, and e-commerce automation tools. There are dozens of service providers to offer automation in the aforementioned business areas. However, as far as Consult 2 Manage is concerned to provide technical support in business automation tools, following are the tools and platforms that our dedicated team members have expertise in.

Although the benefits of these business automation tools and software are captivating and incredible, however, the implementation of any of them requires a business to have a distinct team of professionals with experience in setting up and maintaining these automation tools. For instance, many companies complain that their CRM system is practically ineffective and that they are unable to make potential use of it. This happens when the team responsible for managing the CRM is not equipped with sufficient experience to utilize the information, data, and analytics to drive the resourceful reports and insights that can benefit the company for greater goods. We at C2M have certified professionals to be eligible to maintain different automation platforms for instance SalesForce CRM certified professionals are part of team members that provide technical support in business automation approaches of any company.

Support and Management for Dedicated Solutions

Consult 2 Manage has partnered with a number of third-party service providers and now offers premium services to those third parties with an eye for detail. For instance, C2M has now partnered with Shopify, Big Commerce, and Zakeke. It is a matter of profound pleasure for C2M that we now offer dedicated solutions and technical support to our clients who may be deploying these tools as integration in their business automation structures. Some of the other platforms that are covered by Consult 2 Manage under the umbrella of dedicated solutions include Shop Master, Ecwid, Cloud Architecture services, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS services. If you are a business who is interested in deploying any one or more of the aforementioned services or if you already have one and require technical support in maintaining and managing it for better-optimized outcomes of these solutions, then our dedicated professionals with practical experience and skillset will do the job for you with particular focus towards refining the most effective model to work with your business approaches.

Technical Support in Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media marketing and management are at the heart of any marketing or promotional campaign. These marketing campaigns are not as simple as they seem as far as their planning is concerned. Often the companies complain about investing too much in their social campaigns that yield very little in return. A best social media marketing and management team has to have a great deal of patience and calculated forecasting skills to devise the most effective social media marketing campaign. C2M is a digital solutions company with a sheer amount of experience in Social Media Marketing SMM techniques. So, if you are a business entity looking to organize a social media marketing campaign or if you already have an ongoing campaign but you are unsatisfied with the projected outcomes of the very campaign, then you can reach out to us at C2M and our technical experts running social media marketing campaigns first hand will provide you with a detailed and in-depth audit of your SMM campaigns along with suggesting and implementing the best practices to make the most out any social media marketing campaign at the least dispense of fiscal resources.

Technical Support in Website Backend Issues

If you are a business entity that requires an online presence, then maintaining a website is of the foremost importance. However, setting up a website is one thing, maintaining it along the time is another, and the latter has proven to be of great value addition as the former. Ongoing maintenance of websites often ends up leaving some bugs in the website that are often hard to find or locate if your business has not hired a truly expert and professional web developer. Any discrepancy or lack of compatibility on your business website can cost you your clients and that can leave a mark for quite some time. The deployment of expert web developers for identifying the bugs in your website or a general audit of your website is never a bad idea. Our committed and tech-savvy web developers can analyze and resolve any on-site, off-site, or backend issues of your website in the least timeframe possible. Additionally, our proud web developers are also capable to offer technical support in the form of assisting you in the development of a plugin for your website to increase its optimization and functionalities. Shall you be interested in acquiring or subscribing to one or more of the technical support plans offered by C2M, you can always contact us on any of our channels.

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