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Digital Automation Tools That Your Business Needs

Article by Daniyal Ghaffar in  - December 13, 2020

Marketplaces around the world have been changing drastically with the advent of digitalization and there has been a constant innovation going on around in almost every business whether it’s a brick and mortar store or some other unconventional business ideas in formation. The digitalization has altered the long set business strategies and a whole new structure of business management and marketing with dedicated provision to internet marketing has not only been established but is also widely accepted and practiced as well. Gone are the days when almost all the operations of a business were conducted and recorded manually which was prone to human error and other ambiguities. These irregular business processes can subsequently cause a disruption when the numbers on the records do not add up. Not only internal business factors, the external competition between the businesses in market also calls for a more robust function that can create a regularity in everyday business operations and records. And the most reliable function in such a situation is the implementation of an automation software for any business processes so that there a synchronous flow of information and well calculated analytics can be studies for prospective business ideas. There are a number of business automation tools that you can use for the automation of a number of your business processes to optimize not only the workplace performances but also the yields of your business.

Different automation software target towards the automation of different business processes. However, it is of foremost and vital importance that the automation of as many business processes is insured for better optimized results. Although, now there are more than hundred business automation tools and platforms with promising benefits and better performance metrics in terms of both the quality and quantity. Nonetheless, all of these business automation software can be funneled down to a few major categories. These fundamental categories are listed below.

  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • E-Commerce Automation Tools

Further text below will briefly discuss the importance as well as functions and benefits of each of the above listed categories vis-à-vis business automation requirements that your business needs. So let’s discuss each one of them categorically.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is at the heart of any successful business marketing strategy. Email marketing lets your business promotion reach your target audience even in their busiest hours. It also enables your business to promote your business via a push notification system wherein you can send your marketing emails to a mass of prospective clients and they can view your message at any time of the day. Automation of your business email marketing not only increases the effectiveness of these but also offers a number of added benefits. Essential benefits of email marketing include that it enables a business to set up its own web forms, auto responders, and offers other crucial email marketing reports such as CTR (click through rates) and open frequency of the email marketing campaigns. Auto responders allow your business to initiate an interaction with a client even when the business representatives are away. Since the engagement with a user is the first step towards converting a visitor into a lead so it is of very vital importance that each visitor be responded quickly and swiftly. There are a number of email marketing tools that have been successful in establishing stronghold in providing reliable email marketing services. Some of the famous email marketing services are offered by Twilio and HubSpot. Twilio SendGrid is built to solve deliverability challenges so you don't worry about what happens after you trigger an email. Whereas Hubspot enables a business to get started with any one of their goal-based email templates, or they can choose from dozens of templates and personalize it with easy-to-use drag and drop editor to customize your layout, add calls-to-action and images, and modify your content and colors to match your brand.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation of any business can be built upon an email marketing automation system. While the email marketing initiates a one-sided communication with a prospective customer, marketing automation proceeds it forward when the customer engages and a two sided communication channel is established. Marketing automation tools are known to increase the conversion rates for any business since a well-structured marketing automation software would only be sending the most relevant content, offers and a lot more to the serious contacts filtered out. In this way, the business emails of your company are not spammed out which in turn decreases the low engagement rates which a success for optimizing the email deliverability rates of any business.

Apart from increasing the conversion rate through CTR, marketing automation tools offered by Zoho and HubSpot also provide the businesses with a management platform to structure and organize the social media channels of their businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Ticktok, and even YouTube. You can publish the posts and send out responses to the activities on those posts – all from the same social media management platform.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer relationship management tool is like an operating system towards the establishment of business automation on large scales. A well-organized CRM system can contain the data of both the prospective as well as current customers. Not only that, it can also help a business in managing workflows and sales pipelines along with ensuring that all business operations are well communicated with all the relevant employees of the company. In effect, a CRM can be the backbone of any business if handled with great deal of analytical provision and with an eye for detail. Most of the CRMs are designed to be flexible so that they can be easily integrated with the existing automation software and tools to optimize the total effectiveness of all of them. As far the globally renowned CRM software are concerned, SalesForce 360 and Zoho One beat the competition to mark their territory at the top of the list. SalesForce Customer 360 is one of the latest customer relationship management (CRM) system that enables your company to connect to your customers in a more intelligent way by uniting sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and analytics. Whereas Zoho One has linked sales and customer care processes so that the company can develop an insight to know everything about every customer – all under the same platform. A number of sales protocols such as order fulfilment, tracking of invoices, collection of payments, ever updated inventory and balance of accounts can be automated with the implementation of Zoho One CRM application.

E-Commerce Automation Tools

If you are a business with an online e-commerce store, then it is of the foremost requirement that an e-commerce automation tool be installed on your web store without which your business would be missing out on a number of resourceful analytics and metrics such as user journey mappings, behaviour patterns of the customers, listings of products generating more sales, products that are not yielding the bare minimum, and review management. All of the aforementioned factors can boost the sales of an e-commerce store if the further decisions and strategies are updated accordingly at the right time.

Shopify and WooCommerce are the globally renowned e-commerce automation tools that a business can integrate with their online stores to boost sales, optimize the product listings, and manage the reviews of the customers. These e-commerce automation tools also enable your online store to make and manage occasional sales, offers and other deals management to consequently provide with a detailed report on sales and profits for any given period of time. If you are a business that is looking forward towards acquiring the professional services of experts in the implementation or optimization of your business automation software such as Zoho, SalesForce, HubSpot, Message Bird, Zendesk or Twilio, then you can contact with C2M Services Hub today and get a detailed insight towards the benefits and functional requirements of the above-mentioned business automation software tools.

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