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Article by Daniyal Ghaffar in  - December 13, 2020

C2M Printing is an Australian based premium print products and services provider. The print products, like almost everything else, have embraced a great change of form with the impacts of digitalization globally. There has been an incredible set of new print products available for meeting that marketing requirements of businesses. These products are not only brief in their design but are also captivating to the audience. And hence a perfect marketing tool. Although the digital and social media marketing has been a great trend in the branding of any business but a perfect business marketing campaign always require a business to have to have a set of quality print products for boosting their promotional strategies. These print products are not only a way to keep an existence of your products in the lives of people but also a way to showcase the quality, commitment, and dedication of your business. Print products can also help your business send out a message of customer loyalty from your business end. Using print products, you can display and advertise to current and prospective customers about what new products and services have been introduced by your business.

According to the American Marketing Association, hard print products are still a top of the funnel medium when it comes to ensure the marketing and outreach requirements of any business or company. The main reason behind this fact is that unlike digital marketing strategies, print products pass the eyes of many potential customers and prospective leads while the print is still travelling to its final target. In this way, despite of exponentially rising technological advancement, the hard print media has a way to stay viable and sustainable along with maintaining its level of effectiveness.

Although the benefits of print products in terms of its outreach and gaining the attention of the audience are numerous, let’s just cover the contemporary benefits of using the print products for the marketing of your business before we jump up to discuss the latest and high-quality products and services being offered by C2M Printing.

Enrich Your E-commerce Store

Although the idea of print products and digital marketing seem to be in an antagonistic pair that seem to be repelling the effect of each other, the reality and reports suggest otherwise. No doubt that the idea of long product catalogues and magazines have long been discarded but it certainly does not mean that the print media is dying. The development of interactive catalogues, customized postcards and customer centric circulars have reportedly increased the online traffic to the e-commerce stores of the very businesses. This is so because an increased exposure of your brand and logo increases the interested audience and hence are redirected back to your e-commerce store for more information. Customers seeing your brand in both the digital and physical worlds not only solidifies your business integrity but also strengthens your marketing strategy and business identity.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Unlike digital marketing, the printed materials are available in hard form and hence are personal. These are the marketing products that your customers can not only hold, touch and see but can also keep those with them so as to have a look at them later. In a world where everyone is focussing on social media and email marketing techniques, the prospective clients receive a large number of promotional email messages and paid advertisements on social media. Most of these pop ins are often categorized spam by emails and the rest are there in the form of crowded marketing products where standing out from the rest and pass the eyes of the customer is not an easy feat. Print products enable you to overcome this barrier and lets you make sure that your products reach the sight of the customers. 

Domino Effect Marketing Model

The digital marketing campaigns follow a different algorithm of marketing. The customers only see a set of marketing products based on their cookies and search results etc. And once a campaign is over, it is almost non-existent and has very little to no effect afterwards. However, since a print product is available there in a hard format, it has to travel from different persons before it reaches to the final target audience. This increases the reach of the customers and also attracts new customers to your website that may get interested in your product catalogues. In this way, printed marketing products create a domino effect by increasing the number of interested customers as the print product goes from place to place.

Here are some of the print products that are being offered by the platform of C2M Printing. We feel pride to have been providing our customers with high quality, vivid designs and vibrant print products for meeting their business and personal requirements.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most cost effective marketing products that any business can acquire. There is a multitude of utilization of these business cards. You can either hand them to anyone who comes to see anyone at your business workplace, share them with people you meet on the streets, or add them in to any envelope you send out from your business workplace. In this way, business cards allow you to share your identity with almost everyone. Business cards are also the most compact model that not only serves the purpose of brand recognition but also provides all the contact information anyone may require to reach your business.

Postcards and Leaflets

Postcards and leaflets are yet another cost effective business marketing strategy that can be effectively utilized when the business is on a tight budget and wants to make the most out of every penny being spent on marketing of the business. Creative and vibrant postcards featuring your business logo and products (if need be) can prove to be a great attraction to the recipients and can certainly help brand your business to the people who matter. Similarly, leaflets of different sizes and designs in the form of tags or tri-folded brochures can be sent out as part of any envelope that leaves from your business.

Menu Designs and Templates

If you are a restaurant or any other business identify that sells its products and services being marketed to them in the form of menus, then C2M Printing can help you offer unique and incredible eye-catching menu designs and templates from our inventory of graphics assets. Or otherwise we can also design your customized menus based on the inputs given by you. In any case, C2M Printing ensures the quality of each document is strictly maintained and each template shall be designed considering the latest marketing trends.

T-shirts, Pens and Mug Prints

Although the t-shirts and mug prints are more of a personal or domestic product, but the latest trends in savvy companies and start-ups are utilizing the idea of printing business logos or some other graphics on t-shirts, pens and mugs to increase the branding of the business. These t-shirts, pens and mugs are not only utilized within the premises of the business workplace but are also being sent out to customers as a goodwill gesture from the business. In both the cases, the people using them or interacting with the people who use them notice the brand name and hence the purpose of marketing is indirectly met.

LED Fans and Holographic Projectors

LED fans and holographic projectors are the latest marketing products. Their speciality is that they are the digital marketing products but are installed in the physical world to do the marketing. A business can design and upload their own customized business branding images, product images or business logo onto an LED fan and when it is turned on, those image files take the same shape on the face of the fan. You can upload as many images as you require for the marketing and branding of your business.

Holographic projector technology is yet another top-of-the-line business advertising technique. Businesses can print their business logo or other images for branding purposes on a holograph in markets. Additionally, you can simply simulate a series of your products and services on the hologram to showcase it sequentially and market your products being “floating in the air” constantly in the physical world which makes marketing a success because it gains the attraction of almost everyone passing by. If you own a business of any size and require premium print products for the branding and marketing of your business, then you can reach out to us and we will offer you an uncompromising quality assurance in your print products at a very reasonable package plan.

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