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How to Set Up Your E-Commerce Store On Cloud?

Article by waheed in  - December 9, 2020

This blog is your step by step guide to the establishment of your e-commerce website on cloud.

Unlike conventional e-commerce stores that are designed on shared hosting platforms, setting up an e-commerce store on cloud has a range of added advantages. The prime benefit of cloud based online stores is that the server speed from the back end is exceptionally higher. The ultra-high speed not only offers smooth functioning but also attracts a greater number of visitors on website. It also helps to retain the existing customers towards your business for a longer time. The exclusive Turbo Server option offers you the fastest hosting experience.

Apart from the accessibility to greater server speed, there are many other benefits as well. Cloud based e-commerce stores offer the easy expansion of your store as the growth of business increases over time. It means that regardless of the nature of your web store, you can expand it to incorporate added products and services and other features on your website without having to perform the daunty work of moving your online data or managing it over the shared hosting servers.

The CDN technology ensures the easy, fast and smooth maintenance of content delivery networks. It allows the users from all over of the world to access the content and resources available on your e-commerce websites. Since all of your e-commerce website data is backed up on a personalized cloud hosting server, therefore, you can always migrate your website to a new domain or hosting on the go. Consequently, a comparison between conventional e-commerce stores on shared hosting and the cloud based e-commerce set ups proves that certainly e-commerce stores developed on the cloud have multiple functions that are nowhere close to what conventional stores offer.       

 Regardless of the nature of your business being a brick and mortar store or of your intention to start a new business altogether from scratch, setting up your own online store will prove to be a great value addition since e-commerce business has proven to be a highly profitable area now-a-days. However, before projecting and scaling the profits and revenues of your business, you need to take care of the very fundamental requirement; the creation of a dynamic and engaging your online e-commerce store. It seems like a highly complex deal for the beginners and newbies to set up an e-commerce store or website, however, it is not that much of a daunting task as it sounds like. Irrespective of your expertise in the field, this blog will take you step by step to enable you to set up your own fully dynamic e-commerce store on the go.

Choice of the platform for your E-Commerce Store:

First things first, you need to select and choose your desired platform where upon you can set up your e-commerce store. There are a number of e-commerce website store builders out there. Different platforms have different pros and cons and a compromise has to be made in the event of selecting one out of my platforms available. Among these different site builders, the top rated e-commerce site builders with useful resources and integrations are:

  • Word Press( Woo Commerce): More than 50% of the online stores are being powered by Word Press. It offers virtually unlimited plugins and integrations to let you build the store with all your requirements met.
  • Shopify: Its popularity is owing to its easy and simple yet fully integrated set up options.
  • Square Space: Aplatform that offers creative and engaging e-commerce store designs.
  • BigCommerce: Yet another brand name for e-commerce store building requirements known for its Omni-channel sales.

Among the dozens of platforms available today, WordPress is known to be the market leaders when it comes to the design and implementation of an e-commerce store. The reason behind their grand popularity is that these platforms enable you to design your online store even if you have little or no prior coding or web development knowledge. One does not need to know how to code or have any technical expertise. These platforms make it easy for everyone to create an engaging and multifunctional ecommerce website from scratch in no time. They offer as simple as drag and drop site builder options for beginners and simultaneously offer code runs like html and css to let you design your own SEO friendly website. Drag and drop features let you add different website elements to your online stores like rich text blocks buttons, menus, objects, media and a lot more. This is how you design without having to have any coding know-how. These platforms let you fully customize your storefront, shopping cart, product listings, customer wish list, related product galleries, mini-cart, quick add-to-cart buttons, and much more on the go. The easy and simple site builder options let you add coupons, promo codes, and even let your customers create accounts to increase loyalty and speed up the checkout process with saved billing and shipping details. There are different plans available on different platforms and it is up to your discretion to choose a plan that fits best to the requirements of your own personalized web store.

4 Simple Steps to Build Your E-commerce Store

Follow the below mentioned steps to get your store running and generating sales online in no time.

  • Step no. 1: Sign up on Word Press and choose your plan.
  • Step no. 2: Get Hosting and Domain for your website.
  • Step no. 3: Design your website or choose a template.
  • Step no. 4: Publish your website live.

After you sign up and choose a plan, the platform will require you to connect your plan with some hosting and domain where your website would be stored. Hosting is an online cloud data store wherein all the content and media of your website is placed. Hosting creates backups of your website so that no data is lost in case your website crashes somehow. Domain the address of your website. It is how your website is available on search engines like Google and Bing. For instance, if you have real estate business named Real Estacy, you can get a domain

You can buy a hosting plan with C2M Essentials dedicated cloud hosting plans. C2M Essentials offer ultra-fast servers for hosting with the up time of 99.99%. Similarly, you can buy your desired domain from Go Daddy or Blue Host that are known to offer domains at relatively reasonable packages. Once you have connected your hosting and domain to your plan with WordPress, the very platform will take you to the site builder options. You can choose from different page builder options like Elementor or Oxygen to design your website. All of these page builder options let you insert different site elements as mentioned above with easy drag and drop customizations. You can create a number of pages for your website like Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products, Services, Menus, Products Gallery, and more. Keeping the design of your pages simple is the latest design trends while setting up a website now-a-days. If you prefer to save your time, then you can choose from free themes available as well and your website will assume the form of that theme in which you can do the edits afterwards. Once you have inserted all the content and products that you offer, you are ready to publish your website live at this point in time.  However, free themes have limited customization options, so if you prefer to make the most out of our e-commerce store, then you can also outsource the development of your online e-commerce store. Consult2Manage offers an all-in-one offer that includes the development of your e-commerce website, SEO rich content generation for your website and additionally the content of your website pages along with the product descriptions for your product galleries to drive the maximized traffic to your store.

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