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There are a lot of things to think of when you plan to choose one of the right Learning Management Systems. If you need assistance in looking for the perfect Learning Management System, then this blog will definitely help you with that. The Learning Management System market is expected to be worth more than $15.72 billion in 2021. There is an increased demand for Learning Management System all over the world.

Choosing the best Learning Management System

Before choosing the best Learning Management System, there are a few things that you should consider first. You need to figure out if you want the cloud-based Learning Management Systems or the fully installed LMS system on your company’s system. When looking for the best LMS for your company, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to figure out the factors that will make or break the deal for you when choosing the right Learning Management System. Focus on your unique training requirements.

If you choose a cloud-based LMS software, one of the benefits you get is that there is no installation required. The cloud-based LMS saves a lot of your costs. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It is considered user-friendly and it’s perfect for people who want to deliver the training to multiple locations. It offers 24/7 customer support and a free trial as well.

Some of the best online cloud-based Learning Management Systems are given below:

1. Adobe Captivate Prime:Adobe Captivate Prime is one of the popular cloud-based Learning Management Systems. It provides 30 days trial and you have full access to its features. It comes with a Fluidic player and a really intuitive dashboard. This Adobe’s player supports all the formats of documents and videos. It can be downloaded offline as well.  It offers a unique and distinctive design. Adobe Captivate Prime secured the tenth position among the best Learning Management Systems on the basis of customer experience. The price is $4 a month for every registered learner with a minimum number of 10 users in order to get the license.

Adobe Captivate Prime is called as the next-generation Learning Management System that is capable of delivering customized learning experiences on many devices.

It aligns and combines all the online and local training to enhance the skill set for employees. It is basic, simple and easy. It is highly flexible for customer customization and can automate routine tasks easily.

Core Features:


2. Docebo:Docebo is a well known Learning Management System. It is endorsed by the top companies. It offers a 14-day trial as well. Docebo focuses mainly on the customer’s success. Docebo’s API enables users to easily integrate third-party applications into the LMS without any additional hassle. Docebo helps the users manage the content easily. It can be used to sell courses online. It is included in the ultimate list of Cloud-based LMSs. It can be easily launched for up to 300 users.

Docebo is a very popular learning management system worldwide. It opens a door for all the automated, personalized and unmatched experience of learning. It provides support for onboarding efforts and enhances the customer’s growth through excellent learning. It gives you all the facilities on one web application page, which can be, used anywhere.

Core Features:


3. SAP Litmos LMS: SAP Litmos LMS offers worldwide delivery and provides enhanced features. It is cost-effective. You can add a variety of elements into your learning course via using SAP Litmos LMS. You can also add surveys to get feedback from people. Its interface is customizable which gives you the freedom and it’s user friendly as well. It is included in the Ultimate list of Cloud-based LMS. It charges $4 per user and there are different packages available. It offers a 14-day free trial as well. 

Litmos is a famous Learning Management System that is very simple and easy to use. Litmos LMS is mainly used for training of employee, customer, partner and compliance learning. When Litmos is integrated with the system, it offers several unique features that are essential for organizations.

It helps in increasing the performance training for both internal and external groups. It increases the skill upgrading performance.

Core Features:


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