How to Write a Social Media Release

Once you have figured out that you want to write and post a press release with respect to the social media, if you know about basic media releases, it will not be difficult to understand the important parts that should be incorporated. You can have a discussion with different PR professionals and they'll tell you separately where these parts should fit into your release, but they need to be there one way or another.

1. Heading of the social media release: 

The headline should be a major part of your media release. Get to the point really quickly and you don't have to be too creative. This job can be done by using just the right words. The headline should be catchy that it grabs the attention of the user because if your headline is not any good, you are very much likely to lose readers. So make sure that you work really hard on the major heading or headline of your blog.

2.  Second heading:

The second heading is purely optional. It is up to you if you want to use it or not.  In case you have some extremely important piece of information that you think will engage users to read on, you should put it here. If not, the skip to the overview directly and don’t add a second heading or headline.

3. Overview:

 You should write a brief and explanatory overview of the release and what you're writing. This is the major part where you will engage the reader or lose them, so keep it completely short, and engage into using the keywords and put real thought into every sentence that you use. Don’t put too many keywords so that the search engines pick up your content.

4. Body: 

This is the major part of the release, and this should be the real significant. Don't put your point of view in there; just put the major parts out for what you are trying to say. You have to think as if you are a journalist who cover all the news. You have to really keep track of what you are going to say because this is quite a major chunk of your social media release.

5.  Facts:

 You need a lot of factual data or just points which support your claim from the content above. This knowledge can be shared easily so if someone wanted to pull this right out of your release, they could. The facts should be really correct and precise because this impacts your company majorly. You can’t afford to lose your company’s reputation if you mess up with the facts.

6.  About Us part:

  You should write about your company. Let readers know how your company works. People should be aware of your company and it is good for the brand awareness. It is very brief company bio with a link to your website, Twitter feed and Facebook fan page.

7. External links:

 The social aspect of the release, this should include videos on YouTube, images, RSS feeds and more. The external links out to other sources. The backlinks really help the SEO approach of your company. You want people to be not driven away from your message, but you want to be seen as a useful resource.

8. Relevant links:

 A great way of promoting your company is using the relevant backlinks and external links to promote your company. If you have posted out media releases make sure the links back to your website. Link other sources to your media releases as well so that you are helping them out as well.

9. Tags:

You should add different tags by using twitter or insta hashtags and other social media platforms like Facebook. The fan pages really help your company.

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