Learning Management System


Types of Learning Management System

1. Installation versus Cloud-based (Saas)

2. Commercial versus open source

Uses of LMS

Ease Of Use And Cost-Effective.



People usually don’t know what an LMS is. A lot of people have used an LMS once in their lives without realizing it. An LMS is a software that can be used to help with the administration, reporting, keeping track, and providing training. A Learning Management System or LMS helps to make and report the training programs. There are a lot of LMS programs out there. Every program is different which provides distinctive features. You need to choose the LMS program according to your needs.

Types of Learning Management System

There are different types of Learning Management Systems. Below is the description of the different types of LMS to assist you and then you can choose according to your needs:

1. Installation versus Cloud-based (SaaS):

You can choose whether to install an LMS on the hardware or you can choose the cloud-based service. You can install the LMS on your company’s hardware if you have some kind of network limitation. If you want to save additional costs and avoid all the hassle you can use the cloud-based LMS, software as a service (SaaS).

2. Commercial versus open source:

Commercial Learning Management Systems are not free and they have a price while open-source Learning Management Systems are totally free. You need to do a lot of work on the open-source LMS like hosting, setup, maintenance, and whatnot. This may end up costing you way more than the paid LMS commercial software.

Like we have already stated before, the best Learning Management System for your business depends on your company's needs. You need to figure out whether you want to choose the cloud-based LMS or the full-time installed version. If you choose the cloud-based, the option of having access to the LMS anywhere and anytime is a lot more ideal. It’s great for your workers as well.

Benefits of cloud-based/Saas software include:

Something about LMS users, if you are wondering who uses an LMS:

Most people who use LMS are the ones who are delivering training. An LMS makes it really easy to manage the delivery of training. It helps people save a lot of time in the creation of content, delivery of the training, and reporting as well. There are many types of companies that use LMS. Small companies use an LMS to save their time as they think that training is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort if you do them manually. They can focus on other tasks. Bigger companies use LMS to deliver large-scale training. Their targets are different audiences.

Uses of LMS:

Some of the uses of LMS are given below:

An LMS helps companies save time and it reduces the costs as well. It’s a great way to deliver training. Companies can spend their time and money on different aspects or opportunities by saving up through LMS.

Ease Of Use And Cost-Effective LMS is an interactive device-based and web-based application that is compatible with an array of mobile devices (both online and offline mode), tablets, laptops, etc., most suitable for ‘on-the-go’ learners. This essentially means that content or learning modules can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, making it high on accessibility.

Training content can be delivered virtually, as per the needs of the organization. Learners also have easy access to notification dashboards, where they are kept updated about relevant information, on a continuous basis. This not only enhances the employee’s learning experience but is also an effective way to improve inter-organizational communication. The best part – since everything is delivered online, it saves the cost of organizing the training session (physical set-up), content creation, and, most importantly, the logistics of it. In short, big savings for the company.


Congratulations! Now you are all set. As you know the basics of a Learning Management System, you can go ahead and start one of your own with the help of the experts at Consult2Manage. 

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