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Who is a Customer Relationship Manager?

Article by Waheed Qadir in ,  - December 29, 2019

Introduction: 2

Customer Relationship Manager Duties and Responsibilities. 2

Manage Customer-Business Communications. 2

Solve Customer Issues. 2

Monitor Customer Care Strategies. 2

Collaborate to Ensure Customer Satisfaction. 2

Customer Relationship Manager Skills and Qualifications. 3

·       Computer skills. 3

·       Product/service knowledge. 3

·       Communication skills. 3

·       Customer service –. 3

·       Team collaboration. 3

·       Time management. 3

·       Presentation skills. 3

·       Negotiation skills. 3

Customer Relationship Manager’s tasks: 3

Customer relationship manager gives you reliable and successful strategies: 4

Conclusion: 5


For any business, getting customers is only half the battle; retaining them is just as important. That’s where customer relationship managers come in. These managers build and maintain long-term relationships with customers to ensure their continued allegiance to a company and its products or services. Customer relationship managers, sometimes referred to as client relationship managers need strong empathetic and interpersonal skills and an awareness of each customer’s wants and needs. They must stand ready to implement programs and practices focusing on these demands. They often work in fast-paced environments, deal with people of diverse backgrounds and temperaments, think on their feet, and maintain full knowledge of the products or services their company offers.

Customer Relationship Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Though customer relationship managers are found in a wide variety of industries, they all share many of the same common responsibilities. We examined several job postings for this position and found the following duties were most often indicated by employers:

Manage Customer-Business Communications

In one of their most important roles, customer relationship managers are the face of their company to clients and customers. They develop and distribute emails, letters, and other correspondence regarding problem resolutions, product and service features and upgrades, company changes, welcome packets, and other materials for new and existing customers.

Solve Customer Issues

Customer relationship managers must address any customer issues and problems quickly to reflect the regard in which each customer is held. Prompt and successful responses to customer and client issues is a major point in retaining customers and can lead to positive reviews and word-of-mouth references that can lead to more business.

Monitor Customer Care Strategies

It is up to customer relationship managers to review customer care practices on a continual basis to make sure that all customers are getting the attention they deserve. This might include devising separate strategies and plans for specific customers and reviewing the effectiveness of existing strategies to explore the need for changes as necessary.

Collaborate to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Customer relationship managers share input on product development, sales, marketing, and distribution based on conversations with existing customers. Using feedback, surveys, and other tools, customer relationship managers develop an understanding of what customers are looking for and present suggestions to other departments to improve products or services, expand distribution, or create more effective marketing campaigns.

Customer Relationship Manager Skills and Qualifications

Quick-thinking problem solvers make for effective customer relationship managers. The following skills and abilities are most often called for by employers seeking to hire this type of manager:

  • Computer skills– Use of such programs as Microsoft Word and Outlook is important for customer relationship managers, as they often correspond with clients and customers via email or written documentation.
  • Product/service knowledge – From common issues to upgrades, a customer relationship manager must consistently keep up with changes and other details about the products and services offered by their company.
  • Communication skills – Perhaps the most crucial skills for customer relationship managers are speaking, writing, and listening so they can hear customers’ suggestions and complaints and respond accordingly.
  • Customer service – Customer relationship managers must continually be cognizant of the needs of their customers and apply methods for ensuring total customer satisfaction and problem resolution.
  • Team collaboration – Sometimes it takes a village to build a long-lasting relationship with customers, so these managers must work with executives, salespeople, and other customer service personnel to maintain a healthy relationship with customers.
  • Time management – Responding to customers in a timely manner and resolving issues quickly goes a long way toward building lasting relationships, so it’s imperative that customer relationship managers have strong time management skills.
  • Presentation skills – The ability to discuss and describe products and services clearly and concisely is beneficial in this position.
  • Negotiation skills – Customer relationship managers often employ this skill to explain the benefits of their products and services and, if necessary, make concessions to retain clients.

Customer Relationship Manager’s tasks:

  • Building profitable relationships with key customers.
  • Overseeing the relationship with customers.
  • Solving customer complaints quickly and efficiently.
  • Keeping customers updated on the latest products in order to increase sales.
  • Meeting with managers in the organization to plan strategically.
  • Figuring out the competition and making strategies.
  • Maintaining a relationship with customers.
  • Expanding the customer base by upselling and cross-selling.
  • Implementing new CRM strategies.
  • Understanding key customer individual needs and addressing these.
  • Conducting business reviews using CRM programs.
  • Administrating, developing and configuring cloud applications.
  • Coordinating with the marketing and sales team.
  • Conducting business reviews to ensure clients are satisfied with their products and services.
  • Alerting the sales team to opportunities for further sales within key clients.

You have probably heard of CRM or Customer Relationship Management by now. The person who’s responsible for building customer relationship and maintaining a loyal relationship with the existing clients is called a Customer Relationship Manager. The CRM manager has a technical job and their job is to manage CRM based technologies and the governance of customer data. A CRM manager job usually requires a technical or IT background.

A customer relationship manager’s job includes keeping all the record or data of the customers after the sale is complete and they keep in touch with the customers to provide them information about the latest and products. Their key responsibility is to maintain this relationship with the customers. The customer relation managers solve or fulfil the requests by the customers and they also provide new and intriguing ideas to eradicate the customers’ issues altogether. They have to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the services a company provides. A customer relationship manager has to coordinate with the marketing team, sales staff and the operations department to provide a better focus on activities that help gain life-long customers.

Customer relationship manager gives you reliable and successful strategies:

A CRM manager is usually an expert in technology who helps the IT and marketing teams reach the customer base via CRM applications. The IT and marketing teams need to make use of CRM strategies too. CRM system improves efficiencies to keep in touch or interact with the customers. A CRM manager can have a lot of responsibilities which include developing, administrating and configuring cloud applications, testing CRM apps, suggesting and implementing new CRM techniques, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly well within the organization.


You must have understood by now how important it is to have a Customer Relationship Manager for a company or an organization. You should also know that there is a slight difference between a Customer Relationship Manager and a CRM manager. It is usually mandatory for CRM managers to have technical education or background and they should have a general understanding of CRM applications and CRM systems. A simple Customer Relationship Manager usually helps sales and service staff solve issues. Customer Relationship Managers and their CRM manager counterparts have different job descriptions and responsibilities depending on their respective job industries.

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