How to write SEO product description.


Why writing an SEO-friendly product description is a must.

Core values of SEO product description

1.  Get a comprehensive understanding of the product

2. Make sure that you use persuasive wording

3. Key features should be highlighted

4. You should optimize it for search engines

5. Know your target audience:

6. Add keywords smartly

7. Highlight the key features

8. Be informative



Online buyers are in search of finding products that satisfy their needs. They can simply compare an online product with the one available at a shop nearest to their home or office. The internet has made it that easy.

However, in the online shopping world, the SEO friendliness of a product page is all about convenience for the end-user. You will be able to write optimized content to cater to the needs, expectations, and common reading behaviour of users. The moment you start writing just for the search engine, the copy description of your product may reduce user readability and engagement.

Why writing an SEO-friendly product description is a must

Every search engine works like a web directory and it has to track thousands of websites against a search term. To help the users find relevant websites at the top of the SERPs, the search algorithms tend to evaluate the uniqueness, originality, and relevance of a web page. So, if you want your business to be on top of the search results, you need an SEO-friendly description for the product page.

People first see the product that has an optimal SEO product description. They can also compare the prices of the products available on the internet website to the products available in their local stores. However, SEO-targeted webpages focus on the comfort of the end-user. Unique and well-written product descriptions can help you achieve your targeted customers. Each search engine works like a web directory and it has to keep a record of thousands of websites.

Core values of SEO product description:

If you want to reach on the top of the search engine results, then use SEO product description. If you want to write SEO product descriptions, then use the following guidelines:

1.  Get a comprehensive understanding of the product: 

You need to be fully aware of your product and you should understand it deeply. If you aren’t familiar with your product, you won’t be able to explain it thoroughly. You need to know all the good qualities of your product and how it makes it unique from other products. You should know the working, purpose, benefits and manufacturer details of your product.

2. Make sure that you use persuasive wording: 

Using persuasive wordings can really help you in selling your products. If your words are persuasive and unique, they can catch the buyer’s attention. The words should be welcoming, introducing, and easy. You should try to be more honest and transparent whilst choosing words for your product because it can have a lot of impact on your sales. Being honest or transparent does not mean that you have to mention the flaws of the product, instead focus on writing about the strength and good things about your product.

3. Key features should be highlighted:

It’s a competitive world out there, and you should make sure that you do whatever you can to keep up with the competition. You should add all the key features of your product and try your best to mention how your product is unique. It’s really important to include the key selling features of your product. Most of the online buyers are in a hurry and they don’t plan to spend a lot of time on any website. Make sure that you make the description really smart by highlighting the key features.

4. You should optimize it for search engines: 

For a successful e-commerce website, it’s important that you write the product descriptions really well. However, this content is not only just for consumers or users. You should keep in mind that Google crawlers can scan or read the content as well. You should include all the content that users like to search over the search engines. If you don’t do that, you would be looking at a huge loss. It’s really important that you meet all the expectations of the buyers. Make sure that you add longer-tail keywords. The usage of keywords is really important while writing the product description.

5. Know your target audience:

 Your work can be made a whole lot easier if you define your targeted audience. Pretty much every product has a concerned audience, and you can be really successful if you realize it sooner rather than later. You should define the people who are more likely to show interest in your products. You can do a wonderful job whilst writing the product description if you know who exactly you are talking to. It’s important that you connect with the prospective buyers and for that, you need to humanize your content too.

6. Add keywords smartly: 

You need to be strategic while adding the keywords in the description of the products. If you add a particular keyword more than two to three times in a 200-300 word document, it can trigger the SERPs to delete your page from the top rankings for spam and that can really hurt your business. 

7. Highlight the key features:

An eCommerce website often faces tough competition. Consequently, the merchants need to add more and more features to keep their competitive edge. You might put forth more functionalities for the consumers, but not reap the benefits by not highlighting the key features. Thus, it is important to discuss the key selling points of your products within the description.

Online buyers are oftentimes in a hurry, which is why they just scan a view of your landing page sometimes. You can grab their attention by listing the key features within the description. Here is an example of an eCommerce application that clearly dictates the core features.

8. Be informative:

The search engines are trying to be informative rather than deceptive. So, make your product pages informative by discussing the potential benefits. Praising a product over and again with the usage of phrases like “best-selling”, “most demanding”, “top-ranking”, etc. can harm your brand rather than do any good.

An SEO-friendly product description describes the core features and benefits along with the practical use of a product or service. Because the search engines are now focused on providing value rather than ranking the keywords stuffed together on product pages alone.


Writing well-optimized product descriptions is a continuous experience of improvement. Whenever you finish up writing sales copy, you review it after a month or two and find more room for development. You cannot stick to a one-dimensional approach and say it will work as long as you continue the business.

There are numerous ways of describing a product, but you need to select a friendlier tone and highlight the features that are high in demand. If you evaluate your competitors, their landing pages may seem to be really good, but there may be a lack of information or explanation for the end consumer.

To succeed in your business niche, you need to fill in the missing gaps by drafting an SEO-friendly description that exclusively highlights the core benefits of your products and makes you a winner in the eyes of potential buyers. We hope the above guidelines will prove helpful for you to create compelling introductions and feature lists of your offerings

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