How to write sales copy for a website


Information and tips to help you with writing a good copy for your website

1. It should be engaging

2. It should be clear

3. It should be persuasive

4. Choose a single goal and define it

5. Know your target audience

6. Mention the benefits of your product

Get advice on specific copywriting tasks

§       Home pages

§       About pages

§       Product descriptions

§       Landing pages

§       Client testimonials

§       Business emails

§       Sales emails

§       Email sequences

§       Taglines

Editing tips

§       Be concise

§       Verbs

§       Pronouns

§       Adjectives

§       Writing rules

§       Adverbs

§       Transitions.



A sales copy is something that persuades the reader to do a particular action that could be buying a product, inquiring about your services or just following you on social media. The best content writing sales copy focuses on how the customer will benefit from your products or services that you provide. In a lot of cases, the sales copy could get really boring for the consumers. You don’t have to turn your sales copy into a book, you just need to focus on your strategy and play with words. The main goal of your sales copy is that people actually buy your products or your services. It should be so interesting that people have a hard time not buying your product. You need to approach them on an emotional level and tap into their desire for what you are selling.

Sales copy aims to persuade a reader to take a specific action—to buy a product, inquire about your service, join your email list, download a free report, or follow you on social media.

Sales copy is used in emails, on web pages or in sales brochures.

Make your sales copy perfect with our strategies:

Many people think that the products speak for themselves but that’s not enough. You need to have a really good sales copy to convince them to buy your products.

Information and tips to help you with writing a good copy for your website:

1. It should be engaging:

While writing your copy, you have to make sure that it is engaging. You have to catch the reader’s attention. Mention all the benefits the readers could get from buying your product or your services. You don’t want to overwhelm or bore the readers, otherwise, they will leave your page and it’s likely they will not visit your page again.

2. It should be clear: 

A good sales copy is clear and really easy to understand. Write your sales copy without boasting or bragging and it should focus on how it’s going to make the lives of the readers better. You don’t need to write difficult or fancy words to attract them. Make sure the language you use is easy to understand for everybody.

3. It should be persuasive: 

It’s very important that the sales copy is persuasive. If your sales copy is persuasive, it’ll obviously make people buy your products. The copy should also be concise and it shouldn’t use more words than necessary. You have to be very careful with your words.

4. Choose a single goal and define it:

The audience you plan to target usually has one goal. You have to focus on the personas of your customers and your custom data collection. You need to focus on that one goal to get the job done. You also need to define what your goal is. Make your mind whether you need to sell a particular product or a product bundle. You use your sales copy to persuade your customers towards the desired action. Every page should have a specific and well-defined goal. 

5. Know your target audience: 

You need to identify your target audience and you should know what kind of people would want to buy your products. Then you need to know what your target audience expects from you or your product and focus on meeting their expectations. You need to be able to speak to their desires. Mention all of your product’s benefits and how it makes it unique. If you impress your target audience with your words, you will definitely gain more customers.

6. Mention the benefits of your product:

You should first get a thorough and complete understanding of your product. Once you have enough understanding of your product, make sure that you mention all of the benefits of your product. You should give the customers a reason why they should buy your product.


Sales copy isn’t quite difficult to write. Make sure that you have done enough research before writing the sales copy. Focus on the data collection process because everyone makes buying decisions differently.

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